OK Cane – ‘Wait’ 

Leicester indie rock outfit OK Cane has recently released their debut single ‘Wait’ and what a way to introduce their music to people. This track feels somewhat nostalgic with a touch of good old indie rock and roll sprinkled into the mix of a hard-hitting song delivered by the new indie band. OK Cane are however no strangers to the music scene having embarked upon an array of experiences individually such as jamming alongside the legendary Andy Rourke of The Smiths! I personally look forward to hearing a lot more from OK Cane.

Bad Knaves – ‘The Kind’ 

An ethereal, atmospheric beginning building into a really gnarly psychedelic/punk sound from Bad Knaves. The band hailing from Huddersfield creates a sound in this release that we don’t hear nearly enough nowadays. The guitar tones in this tune are really brilliant and seem to me slightly experimental, especially during the second solo section. Although, I do feel the song could use a slightly more dynamic shift for the first solo like the one that can be heard in the outro section. Bad Knaves have however properly nailed it with this really incredible track.

Stonebrim – ‘Kids In Dover’ 

Pure, beautiful Rock and Roll is the only way I see fit to describe this track from London band Stonebrim. A bouncy and really energetic track has been delivered in the band’s single ‘Kids in Dover’. Stonebrim have really channeled a wealth of influences in this one, I especially really like the way this song builds and drops between sections, there is a very clear musical sense of direction in this songs structure. Not to mention that beautiful Queen-esque guitar tone in the build-up to the chorus, one of many different tones utilised in this song! A really strong track building up to Stonebrims imminent debut album. 

Caustic Waves – ‘Evolution’

Okay, so this one shocked me when I first listened! Caustic Waves latest release ‘Evolution’ is so amazingly produced, written and just an incredibly well put together piece of music. The vibe of this piece does take me back to being 14 and sitting in my bedroom after school listening to angry rock music… I have no fault for this piece of music. Amazing harmonies, huge sounding drums, a dirty guitar riff, and incredible production. 

Mutant-Thoughts – ‘Planet B’

This release from Mutant-Thoughts is one that I had to listen to a few times to fully wrap my ears around. An incredibly experimental piece that comes straight in with some big synth sounds and just keeps building. Just when you think this tune can’t get any more interesting something else is added to keep pricking up your ears. A lot heavier than I was expecting initially when I heard the synths but again this is an area where the band is clearly very good at writing musically interesting concepts that form incredible songs such as ‘Planet B’.