Charlie Tyler – Surrender the Ghosts 

Glitchy and animated new hyper-pop single from Cornwall solo artist Charlie Tyler is bursting with optimism and innocence with magical electronic instrumentation to accompany it.  

With layers of modern synth sounds the influence of artists such as Charli XCX and other hyper-pop creators which have recently pushed the genre into popularity “Surrender the Ghosts” lyrically has a positive message about letting go of fears in order to reach true potential. With layers of autotuned vocals that echo into the background the track is filled to the brim with merging sounds creating an energetic aura which matches the message. With modern synth and electronic sounds adding a futuristic element fused with a fresh and innovative quality this song makes for an uplifting and exciting listening experience.  

Gazillions – Poison Ivy  

Sheffield indie rock band Gazillions newest single “Poison Ivy” displays their potential as a fresh, young band with catchy guitar riffs and a smooth flowing, well-structured track.  

With anthemic sound and an undeniable youthful quality “Poison Ivy” has all the elements of a classic indie rock track but what really makes it stand out from other competing bands is the interesting guitar chord progressions and witty, creative lyricism.

Filled with clever metaphors and packed with punchy riffs this song tells a cautionary tale warning against passive or impulsive behaviour. Clean production and a smooth flowing and enticing build up towards the chorus demonstrate a lot of thought has been put into keeping the structure of the track cohesive and captivating to listen to proving that “Gazillions” may be new but are already displaying professional qualities.  

Hatty Keane – Jackson Shoes  

If you’re looking for a disco-funk beat and infectious groove, look no further than Manchester’s own soul solo-artist Hatty Keane’s new single “Jackson Shoes”.  

Oozing with bags of confidence and charisma which is immediately contagious to the listener “Jackson Shoes” is reminiscent of 80s funk and disco music that will never get old. With both a vintage and modern twist with passionate, glamorous vocals this song is a delightful taste of Hatty Keane’s music style and ability from beginning to end.

An impressive vocal range with no holding back fuses perfectly with the extroverted and brave tone of the song whilst strategic production and synth comes together to fill the track with exciting twists and turns keeping it engaging and making it flow elegantly.  

Macky ft. Bby Nova – We Don’t Need Diamond Rings  

Catchy and contemporary, “We Don’t Need Diamond Rings” by Macky and Bby Nova is a modern pop tune that combines elements of hip-hop with electronic pop to form an engaging sound.  

Beginning with acoustic instrumentation and then jumping into synth and autotuned vocals singing about being young and broke but still living without a care in the world this song is simple and relatable in a way which is refreshing.

Mixing synth and electronic beats with subtle yet distinguishable piano chords, although this track is filled with a lot of different elements it impressively pulls this off without sounding messy. The naïve and innocent quality to the track is charming and unfiltered with a laidback yet dance-fuelled rhythm that combines flawlessly with the message and will with no doubt win over the target audience of the tune.  

Fruitz – Be Like This  

Dynamic and anthemic, new single “Be Like This” makes it easy to see why the Irish trio have been dubbed as one of the most exciting and up and coming bands in Ireland right now.  

With all the makings of a modern indie banger, “Be Like This” begins with a driving drum beat and guitar riff steadily progressing towards an inevitably explosive and exhilarating chorus. Hopeful and heart-warming lyrics combined with a racing and rapid rhythm creates a track is so lively it is bound to uplift the listener.

Deep and fervent vocals that float over the instrumentation add even more spirit and vitality to the song, making it easy to picture it being performed live at a crowd filled arena which is a box that any indie rock band should be looking to tick. “Be Like This” does a splendid job at meeting the criteria of its genre and certifies Fruitz as one to watch out for.