The Taboos – ‘Midnight’

Reading based Indie Rockers release sombre new single ‘Midnight’. This track drips with commercial appeal, calling out to all lovers of Indie Rock.

A chorus that was surely written to be sung along to live, the track also features a crazy breakdown that just sounds like pure fun. The breakdown section really lifts ‘Midnight’, giving the track a totally new dimension and elevating the energy of the track.

The band’s 5th single, ‘Midnight’ has all the features of great indie rock, a satisfying breakdown, catchy vocals, thick layers of guitar and a strong personality on show.

The Hideaways – Dissolve

The lead single from their upcoming EP, ‘Dissolve’ is an eclectic new song from Bristolian band The Hideaways. Possessing all the qualities of a classic Indie Rock tune, eerie elements that showcase the intense creativity of this band underpin the verses of the single.

Giving way to the easy to sing along to chorus which anchors ‘Dissolve’, this track paves the way for the wealth of influences that The Hideaways draw from for their projects. Written just after their US tour was called off due to the pandemic, ‘Dissolve’ and the ensuing EP sees The Hideaways throw themselves into their writing, and the end result is marvellous.

Mature songwriting matched with interesting influences and references, ‘Dissolve’ is an exciting single to listen to.

Cloud Caravan – ‘Separation’

Sheffield Indie band Cloud Caravan unveil their new single ‘Separation’, heralded by electronic horns that ebb into the vocal verse. Underpinned by the promise of a good bass line, this is anything but a typical Indie tune.

Erring more to the retro electronic side of Indie, ‘Separation’ discusses the yearning and hollowness of a long distance relationship.

This sentiment is brought out through descriptive lyrics that paint colourful images in the mind, whilst the guitar lines incorporate that sense of yearning in the effects and melodic solos. We are brought out of an explosive chorus into an artful guitar solo which gives way to an experimental little section where we see a return of the electronic horns, giving this track a retro vibe.

You can hear Cloud Caravan playing with production and sonic textures throughout ‘Separation’, showing great promise for a band on their second single.

Lo Rays – ‘Human Again’

Lo Rays hold no punches with their distinctive new single ‘Human Again’. Jumping straight into vocals, ‘Human Again’ seamlessly moves from section to section, guided by front woman Laura Takala’s strong vocals.

With clear influences from power bands such as PVRIS, CHVRCHES and Arcane Roots, Lo Rays toe the line between synth pop and heavier rock, with haunting vocals serenading over heavy beats.

Producing a big sound for three people, ‘Human Again’ reveals punky attitudes to the Glasgow rockers as they boldly stake their claim.

There is a tangible confidence that stands out in this single, from the vocal performance of Takala, to the use of energetic synths in the chorus, to the huge drum sounds. Delivering versatility within 3 minutes is no small feat, but ‘Human Again’ intrigues and excites more with each listen.

Are We Static – ‘Heart Stops’

Bursting through with bright sounding guitars, ‘Heart Stops’ is the new single from Wigan based Are We Static. Strings underpinning the guitar riff lifts this song, highlighting the emotion of the lyrics.

The drum rhythm barely gives you space to catch your breath as ‘Heart Stops’ races on towards the first chorus. Sweeping strings and melodic vocals take over in the chorus which opens up into a spacious solo section.

The vibrant positive energy of this track is achieved through the opening guitar riff and driving drums.

The instrumentation captures the euphoria detailed in the lyrics, which capture the sense of being truly and wholly in love with someone. The abrupt ending may catch off guard, but it gives reason to the title. ‘Heart Stops’ is a slickly produced new single from Are We Static and shows them to be talented songwriters.