False Heads – Thick Skin

False Heads have turned heads with their new single Thick Skin, produced by Frank Turner at his home studio. This is part of their new album Sick Moon out in September. Thick Skin has streams of influence woven within from the spoken word, playful lyrics of The Libertines and the heavier, rebelling sounds of Nirvana. This Essex band have not been afraid to bring a heavier stance to this single by speaking out about their hate for politicians and social class. The distorted audio brings a punk attitude to this punchy track, using melodic poetry to speak their mind. The poetry feel throughout is prominent as they cleverly rhyme their lyrics. “Never trust a man whose good deeds are planned.” They haven’t been afraid to dive in to depths of thought provoking context. The metallic drumbeat creates a dynamic and striking impact. Impressively orchestrated and a solid glimpse in to their future album.

Two Politicians – Sphere

London based Two Politicians have brought their new single Sphere to our radar. It’s as if this track was dropped from a passing U.F.O. The out of world alien base tones set an intriguing and ominous vibe. Their electro beat and funky synths brings an edgy and fresh feel. The remixed and heavily looped lyrics create a dynamic build which then erupts in to a dramatic complete tempo change. This is truly unique and a hard thing to execute so well. It doesn’t feel disjointed with the rest of the track it just seems as if you are moved to somewhere else along the songs timeline. It almost feels as if the song is reborn. The graduating tones layered on top of another create a new song entirely within itself and is a buzz for the senses. Creative exploration in to new wave disco house making you lose all sense of reality as you get sucked into a new world and beamed away.

Beachcomber – This is Going to Hurt

Beachcomber has brought a new track ‘This is Going to Hurt’, a song to sit and ponder upon as it transports you around the globe. The first note immediately makes you think of traveling along Venice Beach, California on a longboard. Whistling wind in your hair cruising down the road, the sound of distant waves crashing and breaking along the sand. The short bursts of snappy lyrics and choppy sounds and you’ve transformed again, this time to a surfers paradise in Australia. A strong sense of mystery and romanticism surrounds Beachcomber bringing an airy feel with a likeness to The Beach Boys but with a floaty twist. This should be on everybody’s train playlist, injecting a balmy feel into a rainy day.

Marsellie – The Universe is Yours / The Jungle

Marseille have released tracks The Jungle and The Universe is Yours. Both songs instantly have melodic, groovy undertones.
You’ll find yourself bopping back in time to the 60s Merseybeat or the 1990s Madchester music scene. You are whisked away to the Hacienda, It’s like listening to Happy Mondays with a modern twist, fewer whistles, and more drumming. Despite the band’s average age of 18 they have a mature sound with a retro inspiration. The Jungle builds up an ambient sound with Djembe drumming, heavy use of synths, and long breathy vocals. The different layers create a Jungle of sound, the drums sound similar to footsteps made by wild animals, the synths symbolic to squarks of tropical bird call ahead and the lyrics telling a story about it all. A soundscape of energy creatively explored.

Jamie Button – Icons

Dundee based Jamie Button brings dramatic mid-beat lyrical pauses in his new track ‘Icons’. Rays of likeness shine through, from the beaming lyrical fit of Declan McKenna to the pop nostalgia of Circa Waves. The drums beat at a marching pace accenting his clever lyrical flow. Charismatic and cheery accentuating certain words to fit well with the tune add a refreshing twist to a modern indie track. Button brings a sense of reminiscence to the listener, with his bubbly indie pop sounds similar to those you’d only find out about from radio and fanzines, in the early 2000s, a nod to the mid 90s indie pop music scene with the likes of Blur, The Verve and many others. Although this genre has been made so famous , Jamie has created his own spin on the genre with interlinking fusions creating a catchy, uplifting song that could easily be played on repeat.