Oh My God! It’s The Church – Christmas Ain’t Cancelled  

Optimistic and soul-stirring, new seasonal release “Christmas Ain’t Cancelled” from “Oh My God! It’s The Church” provides a much needed pick-me-up to the listener after the questionable past few years leading up to this Christmas.  

Beginning with ballad-like piano the sound of gravelly and deep male vocals reminiscent of that of Tom Waits instantly warms the heart of the listener. Paired with the ecclesiastical organ sounds the festive spirit and religious vibrations of the track are quickly recognisable – but to expect any kind of evangelical preaching in this track would be a grave mistake. Instead, lyrically this track speaks of past Christmas experiences with a cherished person in an emotionally provoking and relatable manner with an uplifting chorus and message.  

With beautifully placed choral, echoing backing vocals evocative of traditional Christmas carol music this track immaculately conveys warm festivity and open emotion in a way which is both expressive and elevating.   

Jess Kemp – Leave a Chair Out  

Manchester born and bred solo artist and songwriter Jess Kemp’s Christmas single “Leave a Chair Out” displays her stunning and professional voice flawlessly in this powerful and poignant ballad track.  

With delightful layers of acoustics and dramatic, emotive piano the cherry on top of this track is undoubtedly Jess’s magnificent voice. Displaying an impressive vocal range and conveying raw emotion in a way that is simultaneously dynamic and compelling she inarguably knows how to play to her musical strengths. With excellently complimentary production from the subtle but effective adding of sparkling synth sounds on the instrumental passages adding a magical, Christmassy feel to the track to the clear focus on the fantastic vocals this song is elegant from start to finish.  

If you love intoxicating female voices and heart-felt ballads this track is certainly one to add to your December playlist to get you in the mood for the festive season.  

Mel 2D – A Very Tory Christmas  

If you’re looking for a more humorous take on the past few years leading up to Christmas 2021 and the frustration with a group of spoon-fed, toddlers poorly disguised as adults, otherwise known as the British government, Mel 2D’s “A Very Tory Christmas” is the track for you.  

With the merry sound of jingling bells and the high pitched and innocent sounding vocals contrasted with the not so innocent and extremely switched on, provocative and hilarious lyrics the contrast displayed in this single is one not without a touch of comedic genius. Other than the obvious witty lyrics, instrumentally the track is brilliantly put together with changes in pace which keep it progressing interestingly along with a catchy hook and upbeat nature which thankfully prevent it from being as depressing or repetitive as the years 2020-21.  

 Managing to maintain a festive and light-hearted spirit whilst discussing the many hopeless failures of the Tory government is an impressive feat to pull off. Combining that with musically engaging and aesthetically pleasing sound makes this song a must hear.  

DDE’s – C’est La Vie  

If Christmas with an indie rock n roll twist sounds like your cup of tea Manchester band DDE’s have got you covered with their track “C’est La Vie” which blends the two impeccably.  

Sticking to their roots in the indie rock scene DDE’s Christmas themed track is refreshing in sound with classic and comforting acoustic guitar and a smooth and steady flowing rhythm throughout. Whilst still sounding like a new and youthful band on the music scene but with a great understanding of their influences with very clean and crisp production “C’est La Vie” is invigorating and has an innocent and pure quality to it that is charming and pleasurable to hear. Lyrics reflecting on care and dedication towards making a loved one feel treasured can easily resonate with people around the Christmas season.  

 With the anthemic quality of indie rock combined with the festive lyrics and theme this mix is actually one that DDE’s make work cohesively together providing the peaceful and cheerful feelings that come with Christmas with ease.