RGM Recommends – The Singles

The Losing Touch – Through the Night . Released 13th March.

After hearing this single I couldn’t believe The Losing Touch had only been around since last year but what I could believe is the fact they’ve not only sold out their hometown of Barnsley twice but also the cities of Liverpool and Leeds. The single itself is a very establish and solid piece of music. The melody is very heartfelt and to back it up is the peaceful harmonies of the keys and lead guitar. The song slowly rises and becomes a ballad-like anthem, each verse and chorus hooking you more in without you even realising, as your mind becomes lost within the music. I very much look forward to how this band progresses as they already seem like they establish far longer than a year.

The Otherness – Coming Out . Released 9th March.

The single pretty much opens very upbeat with catchy Sixties-Beat sounding Riffs. It has very modern day 13th Floor elevators vibe with a picture in the mind of hearing it in sunny weather and having a good time. The harmonies on the vocals match up perfectly and switch constantly back and forth with the dynamics, a constant up and down movement which certainly keeps it interesting and makes the track unique. All this added with the groovy bass and persistent solid drumming, you can’t go wrong with this single if you want something upbeat and interesting.

SubCulture – Break Me Free. Released 28th Feb

This Single is the fourth one the Nottingham lads and is available on 7” vinyl on the record label Heavy Soul. The song sounds like it takes roots from three great bands, The Jam, The Kinks and Secret Affair but obviously with Subcultures own tint of magic. The song has a lot of catchy melodies and great social commentary within the lyrics. Also, with a striking guitar that’s slick and straight to the point, a bass groove reminiscent of a “Revolver era” Paul McCartney and a drum beat that will certainly get the crowd dancing, which gives the single all the elements to make up for a cracking single. They plan to release their debut album in November and I personally cannot wait to hear it.

Youth Killed It – Dad Dance Moves Released 7th Feb

Dad Dance Moves is an upbeat track that anyone could put on to get them a get up and go for pretty much any obstacle in life. The straight to the point sounding lyrics is tamed by the great melodies within it, which personally I think is a great parallel. The other instruments keep up with the pace and you can imagine a crowd anticipating a mosh pit as the bass and drums slowly build up to the breaking point where all the instruments let loose. With a likeness to Kasabian and Blur but with more of a kick, plus a good sense of humour, Youth Killed It have realised a track that could be a potential anthem for any indie night club and even quite possibly a stadium banger in the near future. The single is already available to listen to on all streaming platforms.

TOYGIRL – Moonlight Velvet Released 6th March.

The track opens with a jazz-like riff with very calming textures and atmospheric sounding vocals. The vocal range on the singer is most impressive, the emotion in the voice also echoes into oneself and gives it a radiant effect. The drums are perfectly in time and the slight purposeful crash is stopped with immediate silence. The guitar and bass player have a perfect understanding of each other, both keeping a nice rhythm but occasionally allowing one to break forward into a fill and then stepping back into the rhythm once again. The song overall is very professional and a gem in the modern world of music. The band are expected to have a fantastic year with already being called up to three festivals this summer and I’m sure this single will take them to higher points in the near future.