Dalmas – Stay

No it’s not Royal Blood it is in fact Manchester’s own Dalmas. The trio are back with their most powerful release to date. ‘Stay’. Nothing too short of a sound explosion, as per usual Dalmas deliver, and deliver well. Its a huge array of booming bass with ear shattering drums. Surprisingly, nothing is lost in the mix and the vocals on top of an already heavy musical backdrop creates an enjoyable listen. Yet again the dalmas are back, and yet again the dalmas have impressed.

Lightning Threads – Take A Mile

‘Take a Mile’ is the latest emphatic, rock driven, rough and ready single released by Sheffield blues band Lightning Threads. Now just because you’ve read the word blues don’t think for one second that your going to be listening to a 12 bar shuffle or waking up on a Sunday morning style track. ‘Take a Mile’ is bursting the seems with volatile and insatiable raw guitars. The treble induced lead gives almost that desert sound which is so God damn full but leaves so much room for the rest of the band. The bass and drums are tight, and I mean tight! The groove in which the rhythm section lays down is almost certainly destined to get your foot tapping. It’s curiously addictive. Lyrically the track portrays the theme of finding a new path or looking for a destined future. It’s musically progressive and lyrically headstrong. Check it out.

Slap rash – Cimmerian

With an already unique contemporary, diverse edge its easy to so see Slap Rash are already turning heads on the Manchester circuit. The latest track ‘Cimmerian’ features everything you’ve come to expect. A huge wall of synth, electronic drum machines and blasting bass is nothing short of a musical explosion. It gives for a broad journey of progressive momentum. With a blend of idles and a subtle hint of Sleaford Mods you can’t help but want to explore more. So stop reading and start listening.

ĠENN – Liminal

‘Liminal’ is the highly anticipated new EP from mystified indie pop outfit ĠENN. The band notoriously known for clasping at the edge of realism and creativity seem to hit every nail on its head with the latest EP release. With songs such as ‘Feel’, ‘Catalyst’ and ‘Falling out’ already destined to be not just encores but the bands anthems. The blend of raw guitars and not too polished vocals along with a steady backbeat creates a dynamic layer of vision. The standout single for me is ‘Mackerels Funky Mission’. A weird mix of out there lyrics but ultimately chic vibe guitar is met with pure bliss. As far as the spoken word goes, picture Hunter S Thompson mixed with John Cooper Clarke. Then you’ll be somewhere near to where I am. Overall it’s an edgy release with a not so cluttered array of put together tracks. It’s more art than it is anything else.

Honey Factory – Feels like Home

If you like your indie rock ‘n roll then look no further. For fans of The Corals, Inspiral Carpets and of the course The Stone Roses then this is the band for you.’ Feels Like Home’ is the latest release from the indie rockers. With subtle but intriguing guitars, solid rhythm section and sublime vocals, it’s easy to see why Honey Factory are on the rise as a certified class act. They have the sound to get from indie gems to indie giants. If you like that raw guitar, then I’m sure you’ll love Honey Factory.