Kandemic – 2020 

The Dublin based band Kandemic have released their new song ‘2020’ alongside a music video, itis a raw, real and reflective look at the world in the past two years. 

The Dublin based band offer a tune which criticizes our modern world: “welcome to 2020, grief and deceit is here in plenty”. The other lyrics are quite ambiguous, and they perform part of the verse in a different language which adds to the puzzling nature of lyricism. 

As for the music, the track is as bouncy as any other reggae track, and the mixture of rock, reggae, and hip hop is brave and works often, but in some places it just feels like too much is going on at once. That being said, the vocals are good and the chorus will grow on you. 

Lailana – Pixelated Soundwaves

Lailana has released her new single ‘Pixelated Soundwaves’, and you can’t not love this track. From the cover art to the opening vocals, Lailana is undeniably captivating. 

This works so well for me as there is a lot of honesty throughout the colourfulness of the music and the reality of the lyrics. Lailana contemplates the initial joy of addiction and its brevity. 

Her instagram bio reads “baby, bring life to music” and this hits the nail on the head. The doubled up vocals glide above the drums with chorus guitar and synth. This is something we see so often at the moment, and it can be hard to sound original, but Lailana manages to do so. 

Mint – Pull Your Weight

Be prepared to get blown away from some brain fuzzing guitar and vocals. This new single: ‘Pull Your Weight’ by Mint, chugs along with ferocity and potency. 

Fans of The Stone Age, The Hives, and The Prodigy – tune into this new band. They are on the up and there’s no reason why they can’t make it all the way to the top. The sound they’re putting out feels big and loud, with seamless riffs and vocals providing catchy hooks and melodies. 

It is no surprise the band have appeared on BBC introducing this song, they feel like an established band already, and they are just getting started!

Also, if you end up listening to this tune, I would keep an eye out for the Lenny P Remix – it’s awesome. 

Mayfair Lady – Reality Check

After coming out of a dark time in her life Mayfair Lady offers a reflective look back. Her now single ‘Reality Check’ is chillingly devastating yet hopeful. 

Personally, I feel it’s important that everyone hears her story, especially if you are going through a tough time. It proves to us all that things will always get better. 

The story is laid out throughout the song. We begin the journey by hearing about her lack of strength which is caused by her eating disorder coupled with drugs and drink. The song includes highly descriptive autobiographical lyrics which must have been intense to write for her, but the outcome is that she is better.

This song is painfully beautiful, as we watch Mayfair Lady get her wrong doings off her chest and excel as a person. The dramatic instrumental adds to the levity, with it’s classical feel and arrangement.  

The Rotanas – Manic

The Rotanas, a gritpop band from Cardiff treat us to their glistening new track ‘Manic’ which includes an excellently executed, nostalgic sound. 

Fans of Oasis and The Verve, or any brit-pop bands for that matter, will enjoy this. This song has adopted the foundations of 90s britpop, but offers a modern take with it’s fuzzy guitar solos and spacey feel. 

There is a lot of energy and passion coming out of this track, which is hard to come by in modern music. The catchy chorus is clever, which also proves this band will soar when live gigs are back and they are able to get everyone singing along.