RGM Recommends – The Singles

Apollo Junction – Light Up The Sky

Ambitious, innovative, catchy – ‘Light Up the Sky’ is a great single from Leeds band Apollo Junction. Slightly too heavy in places for my liking for an alternative rock song, but consistent throughout, this is sure to tear up the dance floor when gigs are allowed to go ahead. When I listen to this song, I imagine the opening scene to a huge blockbuster movie. The drums dead stop in certain points in the track, which keeps the listener on their toes, and some nice synths in the middle 8. A really great structure; obvious musical intelligence, and a passion for rock music shines through this song.

Gefahrgeist – Parasites

I like this; atmospheric and chilling, Gefahrgeist have seriously gone to town with this single. A driving electronic beat, with plenty of synths and sound effects, fading out to silence, ‘Parasites’ really resonates with the listener. An ear worm, but one that’s welcomed. The melodies are intelligent, and the actual structure and song-writing is bright and adventurous. Whilst in some places it feels as if Gefahrgeist haven’t quite got the volume levels right, that’s not to say the song itself could be improved. A really gorgeous track.

Frankensteiner – Average Speed Camera

Aah, the average speed camera -there to catch anyone out, and shit on everyone’s time schedule. I couldn’t really hear the lyrics over the instrumentation, but this was a really playful and fun track! With consistent drumming and interesting guitar riffs, this is ever so slightly repetitive, but what else can I expect from a ’90’s-esque garage punk track? I mean, I don’t know if the lyrics actually have anything to do with an average speed camera – or whether it’s a giant metaphor that I’m completely missing – but it’s a jump-up-and-down-at-a-sweaty-basement-gig-type affair, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Flip From the West – Do You Right ????????

Very dissonant, slightly weird. I imagine that this fellow would fit in perfectly at Beatherder Festival (my favourite fest in the world, see here). Whilst this does sound like Flip From The West has just discovered samples and decided to mash 34 of them together for 3mins 30, it is an interesting single, and I do genuinely believe he has the ability to catch the ears of new listeners looking for something a bit different. I imagine this is what BBC Radio 6 Music get up to playing at 1am on a Sunday morning, or something. Very alternative, but with cool RnB tones reminiscent of legendary beat maker J Dilla.