Gen and the Degenerates – Underwear????????

From the stomping bass, to the catchy melodies, to the chaotic ending, this new track won’t stop for anybody. ‘Underwear’ is the brand new single from Liverpool five-piece Gen and the Degenerates. 

A sense of freedom and liberation is the essential piece to the puzzle that really makes this tune buzz. It speaks out to all those who just want to be themselves, telling them that it’s okay to be whoever you are.

Singer Gen said the song is ‘a rallying cry to everyone who wants to be defined on their own terms. Our anthem for a generation of lovers, fighters and degenerates. I can’t wait to hear the words “I don’t care what’s in your underwear” screamed back at me at shows’.

I can certainly agree that this will be one to hear live. This tune packs a punch that everyone will want to face.

Joe Ryan III – No Days Off ????????

Don’t worry this isn’t just a behind the scenes look into Joe Ryan’s diary, it’s the title of his new track that was released earlier this month.

Known as a man of many talents, Ryan has worked as a producer, songwriter, composer, artist, engineer and DJ right across the music scene. Something he particularly prides himself on is his motto ‘Purpose Over Perfection’. 

This tune seems like a good insight into that mindset. This Jason Derulo-esque track is spreading the idea that above all else hard work, or as he puts it ‘No Days Off’, is essential if you want to achieve success.  This song (like most) might not be perfection, but it does have purpose.

Ethan Yates – Rest Of Our Lives ????????

A classic love-soaked ballad certainly never did anyone harm, and certainly has brought a lot of people a mountain of success. Texan-born musician Ethan Yates has been clever to not ignore this fact. As a result, his new song ‘Rest Of Our Lives’ is sentimental to the max.

This track is one of care and compassion. Bright piano, steady guitar, and heartfelt vocals dance with each other through all four minutes.

When I asked Ethan about the song he said ‘I was inspired to write this song the day after my wife and I returned from our honeymoon. We had been dating on and off for about five years prior to getting married, having to overcome quite a few struggles. The weeks leading up to our wedding day, I had completely forgotten about those rough times. When we returned from our honeymoon, I woke up the next morning and I was reminded of those struggles. But it wasn’t a reminder that brought tension or anger. I woke up with my wife next to me, and it brought me to the conclusion that all of those struggles were worth it.’. 

You can tell how much this song means to Ethan, and you can hear it too. What’s more is that this is just the beginning. Ethan is currently in the process of recording a whole album, with the hope of achieving his goal to make music whilst providing for his family.

MAZED – Knew It Was ????????

‘Knew It Was’ is an experience and a half to listen to. Liverpool artist MAZED has released the third song from her debut EP ‘Fearless Emotions’, and MAZED means this literally. 

What she calls her ‘biggest song yet’, ‘Knew It Was’ is a theatrical rollercoaster of desperation and turmoil. MAZED uses synth like an orchestra would use strings to build tension in a film. I think if you want to give this a listen you have to be prepared to want to belt out along with it.

Speaking to MAZED about the inspiration behind the song, she said ‘When I wrote the song I was feeling exhausted, sad, but also hopeful at the same time, and I think many people can recognize themselves in feeling this way when you’re in a tough relationship, whether it’s with a boyfriend or with a family member. I hope that the drama and desperation in my voice comes across in the song and that the mighty production touches the listener however the listener is feeling at the time.’

When you give this tune a listen, I’m sure you’ll agree that the drama is there in its heaps.

Michael Haze – Dead To Me ????????

Songs about back-stabbing are often subtle and slight, we’ve seen it plenty of times before. However, there is absolutely no subtlety when it comes to Michael Haze’s new single. I mean it’s fairly obvious from the title, but it goes even further with lyrics such as ‘used to be so close now we’re enemies’. 

However, as obvious as the lyrics may be, the emotion it causes to bleed from the track has a significant effect in drawing you in. 

What’s most impressive about Michael is that he produces, engineers, and masters all his own music. This is no small feat, especially to this level of quality.

If you like what you hear then you’ll be pleased to know that Micahel has an upcoming project in the works called ‘Keep It Hazey!’. The future looks promising for Michael Haze.