Detweiler – Passionista

Detweiler is a synth-pop duo cultivating upbeat hooky belters that always have something to say; their mission is to connect with listeners from every spectrum and explore the lightness to be found in even the worst of situations. The duo consists of Hartlepool-born siblings David and Marianne; they have been singing together all their lives and have a unique and intrinsically harmonious vocal style.

Throughout the tune, it gathers more and more emotion, from personal anxieties to the storytelling of a relationship. ‘Passionista’ starts as a disco-pop odyssey that sounds like, it could be played at the beginning of a coming of age movie, eventually gaining more energy, producing this rare indie/dance chorus. The electronics/synths are warm and bubbling and one listens to the song the first time around and, after a while, it keeps coming back and you find yourself addicted.

If you are a fan of Robyn, Best Coast or Cut Copy then Detweiler will be right up your street!

Billy Mitchell – Know You Better

Billy Mitchell’s recent single has been long anticipated by many people following the release of his incredible EP ‘Time Takes its Toll’. In recent years he’s had quite the impressive journey and has shared stages with the likes of Mark Ronson, Billy Ocean, and fellow Dundonians, The View.

After letting the summery waves of guitar and bass wash over you from the very first second of the tune, you’re left floating along with Billy’s charming vocals and the toe-tapping catchy drums. The backing vocals in ‘Know You Better’ add this little flair to fill the space, and it does it delightfully. As Billy admits the song is about meeting someone new and this is perfectly described in the very catchy chorus “I want to get to know you better, I want to keep you up all night, and we can rely on each other, you say that everything’s alright”. This indie/rock tune is nothing short of a banger, one to be played out loud, in the garden with your mates in the Summer heat.

We will definitely be seeing a lot more of Mitchell in 2021 with a few tour dates set for the end of this year.

Windshake – Sharing Machine

Bristol-based, alternative band ‘Windshake’ are back with their 3rd single ‘Sharing Machine’. Following on from their last track ‘Orange Raincoat’ this single keeps this 90s indie vibe, giving off similarities to the likes of Ocean Colour Scene.

‘Sharing Machine’ encompasses a range of yearning emotions through an iridescent production blend of melancholy vocals and catchy riffs. The track focuses on the society nowadays and how we are beckoned by social media. The band says how the idea for the song came about after a night out; “our song sharing machine was written after a drunken night out at a broken bar with neon signs hanging from the entrance door. The lyrics imply that we as humans are attached to a new species, our phones, ‘Sharing Machine’.”

The song is performed and mixed by the band themselves and it was heavily inspired by Ty Segall’s ‘Sleeper’ album, which you can hear in the choruses cooing soft/rock main vocal and backing vocals.

Furrowed Brow – Punctual Punk

Manchester-based band ‘Furrowed Brow’ is this unique, distinctive five-piece who simply cannot be pigeon-holed to any specific genre. They have recently brought out this 2-track release; ‘Punctual Punk’ and ‘The Narrative of Hugh Gordon Pym’

‘Punctual Punk’ is a curious parable about a rendezvous with a tardy reprobate who, for once, fails to be late… although you may encounter the absurdity of existence along the way. The song clatters in at less than 2 minutes like some outrageous surf-shimmy post-punk lovechild of Joy Division and The B-52s. From beginning to end you are encaptivated by these synth noises and unusual lyrics followed by the leads idiosyncratic voice.

‘The Narrative of Hugh Gordon Pym’ comes in at a lengthy 5 minutes and 13 seconds. Political lyrics, unfamiliar stylistic components, and clever references to the BBC, this tune is one to be listened to correctly. Every riff, every vocal change, the backing vocals, it makes this song so unbelievably sick!

If you are a fan of B-52s, Iggy Pop, Joy Division, Magazine, The Fall then give Furrowed Brow a listen, you will not be disappointed.

The Scribes – Stir Crazy

The Scribes are a multi-award-winning hip hop three-piece whose unique blend of beatboxing, off-the-cuff freestyling, and genre-spanning music has created a critically acclaimed live show quite unlike any other on the scene today, with appeal ranging far beyond traditional hip-hop fare.

With lockdown helping the band create this track, they combined ‘Krisengebeats’ much-heralded jazzy style with their own razor-sharp raps, creating this stunning laid back, explorative statement on the mental effects of the global pandemic and ensuing lockdowns.

This tune is definitely one to listen to if you are a fan of Gorillaz, it has this cool bassline whilst maintaining the quick-moving lyrics, a haunting piano loop with hard-hitting drums, shaping this effortless, lucid tune.

If you haven’t listened to The Scribes, they are definitely one to add to the playlist this coming Summer, especially if you are a fan of the likes of Gorillaz, Easy Life, and The Streets!