The Sheffield-based alt-rock duo, Perfectparachutepicture have smashed it out of the park, again with their recent single ‘Idea’. The pair, Kyle Ernest (vocals/drums), and Edward James (bass) have been making music together since 2014, but these past few months and last releases have brought a lot of well-deserved attention to the band.

If you have listened to any of Perfectparachutepicture’s past releases then without a doubt you will be a fan of ‘idea’. The song has everything, from the wild electric guitar riffs to the soaring vocals and the powerful drums necessary for any of the band’s tunes.

Overall, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the lads, they are making a storm in the music industry and this tune specifically makes you want to be beer-fuelled, dancing at a festival. Keep an eye out for any enter releases from this band, especially if you are a fan of Royal blood or Biffy Clyro, as well as the fact that they are 100% going to be massive soon, mark my word.


Louis And The Shakes never fail to amaze those who listen to them. Losing My Mind is short but sweet, it has this almost psychedelic rock vibe and is simply two and a half minutes of pure exhilaration.

Losing My Mind is set to release on the 28th of this month. It will be the band’s first single of this year. Louis and the Shakes first made their mark at the start of 2019 with an introduction EP of bluesy 60s influenced rock, which had support from the likes of BBC Introducing, Radio X, and This Feeling. The four-piece band has since gone back into the studio, utilizing lockdown to record their debut album, due for release in September. Releasing this single signifies the start of another exciting year for the band, who this year signed a distribution deal with Absolute Label Services.

Lead singer Louis said of the new single: “It was written in lockdown; you can hear the angst and the fury from the band but don’t let the title fool you. Lyrically it’s about chasing the girl and it’s an integral song in the album in my eyes. It’s the first song on the record where the girl gets introduced, and her entrance is like a whirlwind as this song smacks ya in the face with this gnarly riff and sexy lyrics.”

“The song keeps building and rising. There are shouts, the bass gets heavier, the drums intensify and then this solo section drops in and it’s an explosion of sound! You can’t get away from it, you lose your mind.”


‘Let the Sun come’ is the opening track of the recent album ‘After The Rain’ from the stunning, French artist, INDOLORE. ‘Let the Sun Come’ is this beautifully put-together mix of pop, folk, and even 60s style reggae.

When asked about the album and the creation process, INDOLORE said “I thought the pandemic would bring me down, but it didn’t. I thought this rain would ruin my projects, but it didn’t. It put me on pause. It made me think about what matters most. It brought me back on track. It should have brought me fear, but it gave me hope. And I want to share it through this music. To my loved ones, to everyone, see you after the rain.”

The only way to describe the music INDOLORE makes is beautifully magnificent, ‘Let The Sun Come’ makes you feel the same way as the sun coming from behind grey clouds does, ironic I know. Definitely a tune to listen to on a nice day surrounded by friends, just in time for summer!


Chelmsford-based, powerful, alt-rock band ADMISSIONS have smashed it coming into this industry, releasing bangers time and time again.

This female-fronted band has a lot going for them, the ability to make these loud energetic verses and bind them so well with catchy upbeat choruses, it really is something very special.

‘Cloned’ captures your attention from the get-go, with the intense guitar riffs and the catchy lyrics, especially in the chorus the lyrics are very much simple yet effective, meaning there’ll be audiences singing along in no time.

The several guitar solos in this are next level, all I want to do is throw myself around a crowd with this tune being played. Definitely, one you can head bop to or scream along with. If you’re a fan of The Pretty Reckless you will most definitely love ADMISSIONS!


The Indie-rock, Birmingham-based band, ‘The Silver Lines’, keep on without any doubt making sick tunes. With this next single ‘Alive’ due to be released on the 19th of this month the boys can guarantee they’ll be gaining more listeners, it is a crushing release that is extremely reminiscent of artists such as The Rolling Stones and Oasis.

After a few listens of the tune, you’ll be singing along, it is so unbelievably catchy and their backing vocals are the icing on top of the cake. If they keep releasing tunes of this standard then there is no doubt that The Silver Lines will be playing mainstages across the country very soon.