The Rosadocs – Settle Down

In their new single, The Rosadocs provide a big, big tune with a feel-good; anthemic feeling. 

Settle Down races by like a fast moving train with a feeling of optimism and a reflection on day to day life. The lyrics reflect on getting older and the importance of doing what you love despite this. There is a lot to be said about the quality of their smooth vocals that are complemented greatly by the backing vocals over the chorus. 

The final part of Settle Down involves an unbelievably catchy guitar solo that mimics the melody of the lead singers vocals. They have been pumping out consistent tracks like this in the past so the quality of this track is no surprise to me. 

Jordan Lee – Bittersweet

Solo artist Jordan Lee has just released his debut track and it shows a lot of promise. 

Modern music is excellent because we get to listen to tracks that take from a wealth of various genres, and it is always difficult to pin them down. This is another example of that. With a clear influence of dance and hip hop, it seems there is much more than this, with beautiful vocals from Lee as well and groovy basslines and great guitar work. 

There is a lot going on throughout the song, but at each listen it gets better and better. Keep an eye out for this guy, because if he keeps making music that matches the quality of Bittersweet, he’s going far. 

Sasha Keable – Exception 

Contemporary R&B artist and lifelong Chelsea FC fan debuted her new single ‘Exception’ at Stamford bridge; as usual, she does not disappoint. 

She fills the blues’ stadium with her angelic vocals that glide above her band, who offer a wonderfully funky backing. Keable’s style of voice is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, who also infused elements of jazz into her sound as well as R&B. 

It is striking how much passion Keable put into this performance; she pours her heart out and it is admirable seeing somebody come this far and be so proud of where she came from. 

It must have been a dream come true to go from somebody who has grown up watching Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge to the person being watched at the very same stadium. What Chelsea Creates is doing is great for young talent in and around London, providing opportunities at a time where entertainment feels impossible to break into. 

Magerison – Give Me Love 

In his new single ‘Give Me Love’, Magerison gives us a look into his mind with a unique psychedelic sound that comes straight from the soul. 

It is no shock that this singer/songwriter is the son of two jazz musicians. His musical ability and taste shines throughout this track diligently. 

The loops and guitar melodies are encapsulating and offer a moment into the mind of a great artist. It is obvious Merison has spent a lot of time honing his craft and making a truly unique sound of his own. 

This song holds a lot of promise, with it’s showcase of skill and taste. I hope to hear more from Magerison soon!

The Parasocials – Karmatose 

This self proclaimed lo-fi jazz band have released their debut single ‘Karmatose’ and wow, it is something else. 

Other than lo-fi jazz, there are definite influences of pop, soul and funk that feels incredibly unique and organic. The beauty of this song lies within its repetivity and simplicity. The main melody is shared between the vocals and the guitar; it is unquestionably addictive. Every moment is effortlessly tight and clean. 

The lead guitar glistens throughout with some soothing licks throughout the quieter moments of the song. Later on there is a breakdown with some lovely vocals and guitar work, this is then interrupted abruptly by such a tasteful bassline which brings us back to where we were. 

What a track! I am truly taken aback. Listen to these boys if you get the chance – no matter what genre you’re into.