Hallie – Remedy 

New up and Coming artist from Ireland Hallie reflects regretfully on a previous relationship, in her new moody single: Remedy.

Hallie almost slows down time to a halt with this slow tempo tune, enabling us to hear the pain in the words shes saying. With a minimal selection of instruments, the production of this track is addictively atmospheric.  

The vocals are romantic and haunting – the plea for balance and happiness after being trapped in a toxic relationship. It feels as though Hallie needs to get this off her chest, like therapy. The raw tone and complexities mean we can feel every single emotion she is feeling.

Breakups are tricky and Hallie is not afraid to display this in such a down to earth, and unfiltered way. 

ThBenj – Y

Melbourne rapper ThBenj has dopped his new album ‘Breaking all the rules’ and ‘Y’ is the focal point of this project for me. 

The beat is built up around a wavy guitar loop, which holds everything together smoothly. We then begin to hear ThBenj’s crisp vocals, talking directly and with purpose. The production is incredibly crisp, with the drums seamlessly joining the sound. 

The hook is reminiscent of Post Malone, with some almost psych-rock melodies and lines. It is no surprise this tune is doing so well on spotifdy – with its 50,000 plus streams.

This single proves ThBenj is destined to go far as he proves his versatility and unmatched songwriting ability. 

Late Night Legacy – Dreams of You

In their new tune, led by the rhythm of an acoustic guitar, Dreams of You is brilliantly moving. 

The multifaceted group from Leeds have further proved their ability to adapt to new styles; versatility is the name of their game. The lead vocals are smooth and are a perfect match fornthe acoustic sound. 

In the chorus, the song really picks up, and introduces a handful of new instruments, beefing up the tune and giving it this anthemic feel. 

Dreams of you is filled with drive and passion, it’s another great track from Late Night Legacy and I seriously recommend you check these boys out!

Darfoulds – Take Me Home 

In their new single Take Me Home, the Chesterfield band have created a joyful feeling of nostalgia and reflection. 

The line ‘take me home’ summarizes the feeling of the song – the bittersweet idea of returning to the place you feel you belong. The vocalist performs it in such a way that feels unregreful and full of optimism. 

As for the instrumental, the song is bouncy and full of life – Darfoulds pick you up and take you on a journey with them. 

It is no doubt this tune is influenced greatly by the 1975, with its pop / synthpop style and memorable chorus. 

The Harriets – Little Something

Carried by acoustic guitar and flourishes of piano, Little something offers an ethereal and organic mood. 

The whimsical vocal melody are shadowed by the piano riff when this tune opens and it already feels familiar. This is later to be accompanied by Beatles-esque harmonies which add to this feeling of nostalgia and familiarity.

In addition, this song is remenicent of new wave of psychedelic groups such as Drugdealer or Ty Seagul who also have given this acoustic/psych genre a rebirth. 

The main melody of this tune is now ringing around my head in all the best ways possible, and I can’t wait for more people to hear about this great band.