RGM Recommends – The Singles

Cuffs – Factory Sessions (Live)

A rip-roaring bundle of noise from the Bristol punk rockers.

The live setting feeds perfectly into the aggression of their sound, with unrelenting fierce riffs constantly battling with the piercing vocal through all six tracks.

Even the snippets of chatter in between tracks oddly add something to the overall vibe of this album, which is in your face from the get go, combining energy and anger to create a real rawness in their music.

New track Cash Cow proves to be the highlight, which somehow manages to take their sound up another notch even from the previous ferocious tracks to reach unparalleled levels of rage.

The Trend – 1980 Hull City Hall (Live)

Another live EP, this time from Manchester’s The Trend.

Equal measures rock ‘n’ roll glamour and punk rock attitude, these five tracks are packed full of nostalgia whilst exemplifying how well their tunes have stood the test of time.

The vocals switch and change between aggressive and laid back seemingly effortlessly, all atop chameleonic riffs which seem to vary from punk to ska inspired rhythms from track to track.

The high point comes with Cookie Crumbles which with its infectious melodies proves to be the most upbeat piece on the EP, and leaves you unable to resist having a little boogie along, as if the performance is happening in your own front room…

Cold Comforts – Turn Back Time

Taken from their upcoming debut album, this anthemic indie-pop track is packed full of upbeat melodies and instantly memorable lyrics. The chorus in particular just has the feel of it a hit, and it’s through this that it makes you believe this track would be even better live.

When you sit and listen to the lyrics you realise it may not be all as laid back as the melodic tones would have you believe, but the energy of the guitars, and in particular the quality of the vocals disguises any darkness which may be hidden beneath the surface.

A tremendous first offering which leaves us all the more excited for the album, which going off this, is going to be explosive.

Triangle Space – Victoria (EP)

It’s across the pond to Illinois for this three track EP from Triangle Space.

This experimental three piece combine electronica with some heavy guitars and bass to create a real unique instrumental sound, which is displayed beautifully on Victoria.

Across the three tracks they display an almost mind boggling plethora of sounds. There’s elements of everything from dubstep to metal, pop to punk, and almost everything in between as they push themselves to the furthest limits of experimentation.

It’s rare to find something so truly complex which sounds like nothing you have heard before,. This really has to be heard to be understood, and you won’t regret giving them a go.

C.Wood – Daydreaming

Our final recommendation is the new track from Yorkshire rapper C.Wood. A stripped back track, Daydreaming relies almost solely on the quality of its lyrics, and succeeds.

This is a deep, deep track on which he discusses mental health and feelings of desperation, but ultimately there is a real sense of strength which shines through in his defiance of this in making this track.

At times it feels more like a short novel than it does a song. It pulls you in and you become engrossed in his words as you build a real connection to him in just a few short minutes, and you’re already on his side imploring him to fight on.

This is not just a good track, it’s an important track too, and he deserves nothing but respect for the real outpouring he has shown here, and it should be shared far and wide.