RGM Recommends – The Singles

Lucy Bullock – You’ll Find Out 

Lucy Bullock’s You’ll Find Out takes on a very meta narrative, in it’s pop filled indie bop. 

It’s a song about writing song, which expresses a level of self awareness that’s a little tongue in cheek. As far as the song itself goes, it’s a fun filled song that plays it very safe and wholesome. 

There’s a great fresh feeling to it, with its backing track filled with pleasant guitar melodies, impacting drums and some extremely pleasant trumpets just to accent the fun nature of it. 

Ora Violet – Have You Met Me

It’s in its oddly deadpan vocal delivery that Ora Violet really sells the devil may care attitude. 

Written from the perspective of someone facing their demise, they start to come unravelled and stop caring. Complimented by the quite monotone vocal delivery and a punk rock anthem feel, Ora Violet utilise the theming and songwriting marriage very well. 

It’s the good fast paced punk rock slap to the face that really gives a bit of oomph, to what could have been something that fell a little flat. 

Mondo Trasho – Gotta Hold On Me

With the 60’s swing influence on full display, Mondo Trasho is channeling a very particular mood, and aren’t afraid to show it. 

There’s a lot of classic trappings of the 60’s, such as an organ in the background, a frantic jazz style singer sounding a little strained but still having fun, and a fun guitar delivery. But Mondo Trasho throw a spin on it that makes it a little more punk sounding, with a fast paced and harder edged sound throughout that really makes, Gotta Hold On Me a distinct listen. 

With so many familiar vibes and sounds to it, Mondo Trasho have cast a wide net and will no doubt pick up fans from a lot of different genres with Gotta Hold On Me. 

Dan J – You Know

There’s a lot of low key but still impactful moments in You Know, as it explores the questions of life’s meaning and the mysteries of the universe. 

With such a grand concept, Dan J still manages to keep a very personal element to You Know by focusing the lens in on himself to ask these questions. The gentle tune of various subtle guitar, piano and drum machine, make for a very low key feel to You Know. It’s mysterious and very introspective, with just a little melancholy. 

Despite what might sound like quite a dark and saddening song, You Know carries a gentle and introspective lullaby style that’s filled with honesty. 

Holozoa – Wych

An extremely experimental dive into an obscure genre of pop and indie is Wych by Holozoa.

Its in the deep, almost subsonic, drum beat and reverberation that Holozoa catches attention. The deep beat that wouldn’t be out of place in the backing of an EDM track, but one that is pushed to the front here. It keeps the song minimal, as there is only a few more drum beats dropped over it and the more measured vocals that make up the entire song arrangement. 

Wych is a boundary pusher for sure, it’s minimalistic composure and dreamy vocals are what make it such an oddball kind of song, but one that is still pleasant and interesting.