The Vitrines – You Give Me Chills

Southampton-based, gnarly, post-punk / indie duo, The Vitrines are back with this loud and exciting tune, with sick guitar riffs through the whole 2 and a half minutes.

This mature rock sound that the two teens have been making for a couple of years now has gained them 50,000+ streams and attention from John Kennedy over at Radio X. It is no surprise that they have got this tight fanbase, every tune they have released is radio-worthy, with this Royal Blood esque sound. They are such a skilled two-piece, and you can really tell from their EP just how much effort has gone into their music.

It feels almost impossible to not listen to this single without tapping along and longing to hear this track being played live. The Vitrines are definitely an upcoming band that you need to be getting excited about, if this single is anything to go by then the future is very bright for these lads.

Super Marine – Don’t Say Goodbye

South Wales-based, the alt-rock quartet has recently released this super emotional single ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’. This song is one of the most lyrically touching songs I have ever listened to, safe to say it is one for anyone going through the motions at the minute.

The single, which was released Friday 21st May features some staggering vocal harmonies, which is exactly what you would expect from this tune being their first acoustic release. ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ shows what the band has to offer and how well they can switch up and adapt to almost different genres without losing their uniqueness.

I cannot wait until this song can be performed in front of a live crowd, this is where it’ll be best played with so many raw emotions from the band to exchange with an audience. Super excited to hear what will be next from the band and to see if they have more avenues to take us down.

Edited People – Go & Explore

Edited People are a three-piece band from Leeds. With gaining a lot of popularity with their past tunes ‘you think I’m nice’ and getting airplay from BBC Introducing, Edited People are definitely heading in a great direction and this tune carries this on.

‘Go & Explore’ is definitely a very spacious trip-pop anthem, with a lot of hints of Lorde and The 1975. This song is made for radio so in a sense quite cliché, but that is exactly what some people want and need. The chorus is extremely catchy, again captivating the audience’s attention quickly, a great thing for the band’s popularity.

Although the band currently has no album yet, 6 releases in the 6 months of this year are extremely impressive and has me and many other people on board for a, hopefully very enticing album.

Belishas – Whispers (Out 18/6)

Bristol-born 70s punk-Esque quartet, Belishas have just released their new single ‘Whispers’. Recorded during the unusual period of time in August 2020, ‘Whispers’ is an intense, joyous statement of self-improvement.

The guitar-heavy, exciting tune features great riffs throughout and even better lyrics, sit gives off a very pop-stained jangle reminiscent of the early 90s, with a hint of 80s post-punk.

Already featured on Steve Lamacq’s 6 Music radio show multiple times, including a secret preview of Whispers on his midnight show, Belishas are already proving their worth as strong songwriters and gaining promising potential.

Silver Haar- Lost

Unsigned Scottish indie rock band, Silver Haar have recently released ‘Lost’, this anthemic yet melancholy tune.

The band which formed during the quiet stages of the first lockdown, almost as a distraction, has released 3 songs now, all of which have landed amazingly with audiences.

The band has a very Foo Fighters meets Biffy Clyro sound, with their own unique touch to add the cherry on top. ‘Lost’ focuses heavily on the desolate lyrics and heavy guitar riffs throughout. Makes a good end-of-night tune as you’re leaving a summer bbq party.

The end guitar solo with the backing vocals brings so much energy and you are almost guaranteed to feel warm inside. Overall it’s a boss tune and if Silver Haar continues making these types of tunes they’ll have a great time in the industry.