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The Institutes – I Just Can’t Keep Myself From Loving You

If unconditional love made a noise, it would be this song.  

Wow. The wall of sound strikes again, and this time it’s MASSIVE. I am especially impressed by the production of this track as well as the vocal performance as Reid Zappa Currie sings wistfully about unconditional love. 

The broad message of this song is that unconditional love is something we all have for a person, or even an item. And this universality within the lyrics is reflected throughout the way this song is composed. With it’s classic, big, big chorus, you can just see it being played in stadiums. 

On top of this, the song is dream-like. The guitars glisten pleasingly and are used with precision and taste. Another highlight for me is the drum-beat, which carries the song along with so much energy and passion. This just adds to that anthemic noise these boys make. 

Lunacy – Dont Fear The Fall

Dont Fear The Fall may be the motivational summer song we all need. Packed to the brim of colour and life, I guarantee this new single will lift your spirits. 

Lunancy’s newest single starts with simplicity, with a ridiculously catchy chime that returns throughout the choruses alongside Lunacy’s pitch perfect vocal melody. The song then breaks down with a short but sweet rap verse that adds an extra sprinkle of excellence to this already lovely tune. 

The strength within Lunacy’s vocals is incredibly empowering and strong. For me, that is what really carries this track as her voice oozes emotion and passion throughout. 

That being said, the production is sublime, with a glossy finish, laying out a perfect surface for Lunacy’s vocals to glide smoothly over the top. 

The Novus – Castaway 

I hate to judge a book by it’s cover, however prior to listening to this song I was already impressed by the psychedelic cover art. Thankfully, the music lived up to the artwork, and more. 

The vocals that come are not what I expected, but their harsh tone does not clash with the trippy instrumental yet adds a new dimension. Another highlight is the lyricism, it touches upon themes of suicide and mental health. They do this by stressing the importance of teaching people how to deal with their emotions in a clever and urgent manner. There is more to life than what they teach us at school.  

The Novus feel somewhere in between punk and psychedelic, but it’s not worth trying to define their sound – just listen; it speaks for itself. The track opens with some incredibly tasteful lead guitar parts that feels almost like the beginning of a western. This then slowly develops into a full sound that bounces around your head in the best way possible. 

The Recreation – Different (Like Everyone Else) (Out 9th July)

These four boys from Manchester sure know how to write a song. In their new single, The Recreation once again gives us a catchy, feel-good tune; whilst pushing boundaries by inserting some experimental instruments as well as a blissfully executed horn section. 

Different (Like Everyone Else) quite passionately addresses the ignorance that sometimes comes alongside individualism, in a cleverly cynical fashion. Lead singer Owen Baldwin directly addresses those who try too hard to be different, whilst contemplating the importance of being your authentic self. 

Musically, the song features some nice guitar riffs that imitate the lead vocals, giving it an immensely loud feeling. The rhythm sections are effortlessly cool too, with a reggae-esque sound. 

The song concludes fittingly with the lyrics “if you want to be different, just try being yourself”, which expresses the idea that we are all different, but we are not if we try to be somebody else. 

We are taught to put ourselves after others, but we never learn it is okay to have bad days, and this is such an important idea that The Novus stress in their new single Castaway.

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