Serotones – This Won’t Last Forever

Serotones have released a glossy new indie track with wavy guitar and wistful lyricism. This playful group has a uniquely explosive groove to them, and this track proves just that. 

This Won’t Last Forever contains a British rock feel, with moments that sound like The Libertines and The Stone Roses. Despite these comparisons, this track holds its own, and it would be unfair to compare them to anyone else; it feels as though Serotones are in a musical space of their own. 

As for the guitar, it is quite brilliant – with two leads intertwining tastefully to set up a brilliant backing for the vocals. The bassline holds the song together, and drives it forward, with a crunchy groove to it. 

This is a band you will want to see live-  with their high energy and talent, you are bound to have a good time. 

Myriad- 3am

Myriad’s new single is therapeutic, with it’s calm, smooth instrumentals and almost whispered vocal melodies. If you’re a fan of chilled music, then sit back, and relax. 

This is a song that teleports you to a happier place. This group has managed to create something that sounds like it’s from another planet, and it’s truly beautiful. 

Just when you think you know how this song will end, BOOM! Afterglow finishes with a big, heavy finale. Loud guitars and bracing drums will wake you from the sleep that Myriad had just put you into. 

I would love to hear more of these smooth vocals, accompanied by the backing singer. They are dreamlike. However, it would be interesting to hear them shout, matching the high intensity of the end of this song. That being said, the warm vocals feel like a steady ship soaring through a stormy ocean. 

Bacchanal – 1,2

Where to begin with this one! This could be one of the most wonderfully unique tracks I have heard in a while. The looping guitar melodies and fragile vocals are just beautiful, and I just cannot stop listening!

The balance of loud and quiet Bacchanal uses within 1,2 is very clever. With delicate guitar licks taking turns with big, heavy guitars, the song is encapsulating. And not to mention, the guitar melodies and riffs are played with diligence and skill. 

The wobbly voice and fuzzy guitars allude to the style of Marc Bolan, but Bacchanal is distant from other artists, I feel like this sound is refreshingly original. 

At the end of the song you’ll be left feeling like you’ve been slapped in the face, as Bacchanal takes you on a journey you will never forget. 

Captain Gas – Live From The DHB Studios

Awwhhhhhhh that bassline has me grooving before the song has even begun. In their session with DHB Studios, Captain Gas demonstrated their effortless class, with a sublime live performance. 

From the drums to the vocal performance, these guys have it nailed, and you can feel their chemistry through the music, as they operate as one collective entity, in the way all great bands do. 

A key moment for me is the screeching guitar performance, that peaks at a solo which almost melted my face away. The influence of punk infused with funk means the relationship the lead guitarist has with the funky bass is spectatulary unique and encapsulating. 

The vocals have everything you need from a punk song, and more. With harsh, shouty, nonchalant lines, it feeds into the cool feel that the instruments already provide. 

The break at the end of this track is nothing but confirmation of these guys’ excellence, as the drums hold a chill beat that facilitates a blank canvas for the guitar to scream once again. Magnificent. 

Neptune Rain – Bitter Pill

Neptune Rain’s new single Bitter Pill is nothing short of epic. The brash, loud and maximalist feel to this song is what makes it stand out. You cannot help but be blown away and left wanting more.

The most noteworthy performance of this track for me, is the drumming performance. It moves the song with it’s tight, hard hitting beat that is packed with energy. This couples with the shouted chorus perfectly. 

In the song there is a contemplative rap that overlays the verse of the track, and the lyrics are spoken with pace and diligence. 

As for the chord progression, this is what makes Bitter Pill feel so big and epic. The guitar work is wonderful and sits in the mix perfectly.