Wrexham based, four-piece The Royston Club are back again with this absolute banger ‘Cold Sweats’, ironically just in time for Summer, makes the perfect hot day anthem.

Straight away from first listen, in fact the first 30 seconds, you will be hooked. Tom Faitfull’s rich and powerful vocals carry us through this emotional rollercoaster of a tune, coinciding so well with the melancholy guitar riffs and hard-hitting chorus.

The lads have had such a good ride so far in this industry, gaining a lot of attention from the right people and platforms. Their debut UK tour has already sold well over 2,500 tickets, as well as having over one million streams on Spotify alone, BBC 6 music support and being signed to Run On Records and Modern Sky UK. This new tune is guaranteed to just takes them to another level.


If you haven’t already heard of Estella, then open your eyes and ears because she is making some beautiful tunes, this being one of them. Nottingham-based, 18 year old, singer / songwriter Estella has recently paired up with Command-Promt, an American electronic-pop producer to create this touching, Lo-fi/dream pop tune.

I cannot fault this song at all, from beginning to end I was completely captivated, it almost sends you to another dimension mid listen. Her unique vocals read the lyrics like a poem, so poignant and touching. If you played this song whilst lost in a daydream the infectious melody will instantly hit your soul and leave you smiling.

‘Dreaming Awake’ is a tad different from her earlier releases, but I love how Estella keeps on continuing to refine and evolve her sound and present something entirely new each time. If you are a fan of the bedroom-pop genre, anything along the lines of Grimes, then you will adore Estella. I cannot wait to see what comes next from her.


Amsterdam-born, London-based artist Kala Boti has created this song ‘Shining’ which was so obviously made to be played on a sunny summer’s day. The lyrics and riffs are so simple yet so effective and is guaranteed to make you want to dance in a field surrounded by friends, belting out the lyrics.

Kala Boti has this unique vibe but with some subtle hints of Leon Bridges and Anderson .Paak. Although the lyrics do display some heartache, the soulfulness of Boti’s vocals alongside the catchy acoustic riffs, you get this joyful feeling, as well as getting the chorus stuck in your head for hours, which is always a good thing!

With Kala Boti’s first release being just last year, it is so exciting to watch him become this amazing, talented, and well deserved, popular singer/songwriter. His latest EP is planned to be released this summer.


Claire Hawkins the up-and-coming singer-songwriter and travel vlogger, originally from New York but now based in Dublin, Ireland, not too long ago, released this lovely indie-pop tune ‘Small Doses’.

How this song is so lovely yet so heartbreaking is beyond me. Definitely for the ones who are going through some form of heartache, add this to your sad playlist.

Hawkins’s genre-defying folk-pop music reflects the varied sounds and cultures that she was exposed to as a child growing up in New York City. With this release hinting more towards the indie-pop genre, it is exciting to see which direction she will be heading in for the next few releases.

“‘Small Doses’ was the last song I wrote before the pandemic when I was still performing in youth hostels across Europe on the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour. It was a weird, wonderful time that was brought to an abrupt end in March 2020. It wasn’t until several months later that I revisited the song, it made this release all the more special.”