RGM Recommends – The Singles

Mazed – Echo

With a strong vocal performance that contains strength and passion, that brings forward what sounds like  seasoned and confident vocals. Despite this, it’s surprising to find out that Echo is only the second track released by Mazed. It shows a maturity and strong work ethic reflected by a strong pop song. 

Taking a solid production and stripped down song structure, it gives a firm and impactful performance that’s memorable and catchy. With the usual pop mix of general mixed sounds and drum machines, Echo makes for a great bop, with solid values and presentation. 

Honeyflux – Hourglass

Written at an unusual time in the lead singers life, one in which he had moved, and with no one but his partner there to support him, Hourglass is a chronicle of that period. 

There’s a gentle dreamlike to delivery to Hourglass, utilising a unique vocal performance with slightly muffled drums, and echoing guitars just adds to this effect. It has some great moments, but does sometimes step into too dreamy territory and develop a sound like everything is melting together. Whilst it may not be for everyone, Honeyflux nonetheless fill a niche, with Hourglass showcasing a very clear dreamy indie feel. 

Jon Dearing – Falling Away

As the 2020 Covid lockdown continues its wind down, its become an interesting topic for a lot of artists to explore inside their own genres. Exploring feelings of isolation, depression, hope and the idea of being stuck in a rhythm. 

It makes for an interesting topic, as everyone can relate to it in some way, as with many traditional song topics, such as relationships. 

Falling Away is a gentle acoustic ballad that really draws on the hope to be held onto in it all. With Jon Dearing’s fantastic easy going vocals, coupled with an acoustic guitar, he presents an idea of not letting it grind you down. It’s a complex song to unpack, with its understanding that many will be feeling at their worst, but encourages them to keep going despite that. The beauty of it, with its uplifting attitude and presentation make for an excellent song that is positivity incarnate. 

Nephew KEN – Daughters

With a deep rooted history in West Coast Hip Hop, growing up in Long Beach, Nephew KEN keeps the familiar trappings of his contemporaries and predecessors. 

But rather than retreading old ground and familiar subjects of partying, or the struggle of trying to find success, Nephew KEN instead puts together a loving ode to his children. Everything within Daughters lyrics is about love and teaching life lessons, and clearly comes from a very personal place. 

But when put to the backing of a laid back beat, notable for its use within the sub-genre, it becomes a message that many fathers and mothers around the world can no doubt relate to. 

It’s easy going vibe and lack of mature lyrics make it a very easy and open track to play, and provides a nice relaxing feel even when someone isn’t intently focused on the subject matter. 

Lana Love – American Love 

There’s a slow build to American Love, before it eventually explodes into a slow tempo song with sharp lyrics, and an almost scathing look at Los Angeles and America as a whole. 

The simultaneous admiration and feeling a discontent is an interesting dichotomy for sure. With Lana Love’s gentle and smokey delivery of lyrics, it can be hard to tell whether there’s a love or hate for what she’s singing about. With an adoration of the vapid and material, and distaste for any human connection past a fleeting fancy. 

It shows LA’s reputation for eating people alive, and could act as a warning or a love song towards it. Each listener will have a different reaction to the lyrics, giving it an interesting idea of someone always feeling something different upon listening.