RGM Recommends – The Singles

The Novus – ‘Frosty’

Pummelling hard rock from the Novus is where we kick things off, and if you’re a fan of brash, in your face riffs and sultry, crunchy vocals then these guys are your band. As screeching guitars fill every available space through the chorus, this whirlwind of a track sucks you right in before unceremoniously spitting you out, folded into a heap on the floor. It rocks, it grooves, and it doesn’t fail to impress. Strong Gary Clark Jr. vibes from this one, so go do yourself a favour and turn it up to 11. [Released 21.2.20]

King Orange – ‘English Earrings’ 

An austere and illuminating offering from post-punk 3-piece King Orange dropped on February 7th and, for me, it’s their best to date. The ratatat-tat of drum stick on snare rim slices through the production like a knife through butter, all-surrounded by this gradual crescendo of inventive ever-more-soaring storytelling. It’s inviting, exciting and unique. Tinkling guitars, morbid vocals that gain ever more passion as the track develops, and then rolling riffs and thumping backline to the tune of ‘Life, Death Prises’! What more could you want? [Released 7.2.20]

Bedside Manners – ‘Tear It Down’

STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP. Although at times a little literal, Bedside Manner’s politically charged assault on the politics of modern Britain is a well-produced and well-executed fuzzy, angsty alt-rock anthem. It’s like they’ve looked at their contemporaries (E.g. Mint, Avalanche Party, Strange Bones etc.) and compiled all of their best bits, smashing them together in one certified banger. Does it sound like any one of those bands I’ve mentioned? No, and there’s a good chance you might like this more! [Released 28.2.20]

Femur – ‘Blood Money’

Sheffield heavy-psych outfit Femur are a force to be reckoned with on stage, as inviting as they are intimidating, but batshit mental nonetheless. ‘Blood Money’ definitely serves to show that nuance and intricacy are neither lacking either. I enjoy the production on the track more than any other of theirs, and it really gives the listener the opportunity to delve a little deeper into just what Femur are trying to achieve with their music. The dark-to-light, the tactile-to-riff-infested, the dynamics of the whole track are clearer and more focussed and it enables this track to evolve into a fully-fledged sonic onslaught the more and more you listen to it. A+. [Released 20.2.20]

Leonie Jakobi – ‘Are You Lonely Enough?’

‘Are You Lonely Enough’ is an exciting debut that exhibits a lot of potential. Panflutes and muted toms infiltrate the intro, and honestly, I wish it had been elongated. I was reminded of tracks off of Aurora, or Lorde, albums, where so much is invested in setting up the route of the track from the intro. There’s no doubt that Leonie Jakobi can craft atmospheric and interesting pop/pop-rock songs. Her pre-chorus is spine-tingling, as is her use of backing vocals and vocal harmonies. It’s well-produced, well-thought-out, but just not quite where I think she can take her music to. That is by no means a criticism of ‘Are You Lonely Enough?’; I thoroughly enjoyed being able to review it, but I just want to see where she takes it next, and if she ends up where I think she could. [Released 21.2.20]