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Critter Cabal – Some Day / Denim & Paisley 

In their new dual release, Critter Cabal display their versatility; with two tracks that contrast greatly. 

The opening track Some Day feels apt for a late night drive in America. The tone feels uniquely reminiscent, and as the vocals softly sing “home is where I should be… but I’m alone…” is heart wrenchingly beautiful. The chorus is also backed by delicate guitar melodies that add another dimension to this feeling of nostalgia and it sounds lovely.

Some Day is followed by Denim & Paisley, and the mood suddenly changes from acoustic to psychedelic. I love this. Being brave enough to put out two very different tracks is admirable, and the group do it with style, this tune oozes cool. It chugs along at its own pace, with some incredibly atmospheric moments.

Despite their differences, both A and B side both share the same impeccable vocal performances. With a laid back American feel, as well as a unique tone, you can hear the passion and pain in his voice. On top of this, there are some great harmonies that gloss over these wonderful songs. 

Cold Comforts – Slow Down 

With their debut album on it’s way, the Manchester based four piece Cold Comforts have released Slow Down – a single that will leave you hungry for more. 

The song opens with a hypnotic, fuzzed up guitar riff that is then met with the rhythm section of the song. This makes for an apt backing for the warm tones that are provided in the vocal performance. On top of this you can hear some whaling guitar notes that give this song an atmospheric feel. 

With a quiet, subtle opening, the song then leads into a booming chorus with a wall of sound making for a moment of euphoria. 

This tune will leave you nostalgic about summers that have been and gone, leaving you with shivers down your spine. What a banger!

Thegreysantana – Severing Ties 

London based rapper has released his latest single Severing Ties, with it’s hard hitting distorted bassline and classical guitar sample Thegreysantana does not disappoint. 

The track opens with this guitar melody that has that medieval feel that is very popular at the moment, and this sets the tone for the remaining 3 minutes. When the bassline and drum beat is introduced, you cannot help but bop your head – this is the kind of tune you need to play in the car, as loud as your speakers will take.  

The vocals are excellent, with an attitude that oozes cool and confidence. This is matched by some excellent lyrics, with some clever rhymes that dance around the idea of cutting off toxic people. 

In this track, Thegreysantana offers a lot of important advice for success in life, as well as some lyrics that will leave you going back to listen to more. 

Max Gavins – Kamoze

Max Gavins the Newcastle based rapper started out as a battle-rapper, but began to want more in 2017, and has began making his own music, removing the labels that were once attached to him.

We are now blessed with his first release in 3 years, and Kamoze is definitely worth the wait. With it’s catchy melody and great vocal performance, it’s bound to be a hit! I can see this being played around all the clubs, with its catchy and dance-worthy feel. 

The song is groovy and bounces along with help from the bassline, and the vocal melody suits this beautifully. The chorus is what will stay in your head days after listening, with an unbelievably catchy and addictive vocal line. This is also coupled with some excellent backing vocals that make this song even smoother. 

July 16th is the release day for this tune, and coincidentally this is 3 days before clubs open in the UK, so hopefully we’ll be hearing this every single night!

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