RGM Recommends – The Singles

Who’s Misty? Love Sick Blind – Release: Out now

Lincoln-based group Who’s Misty?’s latest single ‘Love Sick Blind’ is a ball of indie-pop just ready to explode on to your playlists. The passionate vocals follow a smooth melody, flowing above the tight backing singing creating a seriously engaging sound. The instrumental introduction and choruses are led by memorable lead guitar riffs and sparkly sounding synths all building up to the track’s solid bridge- ‘It’s not her fault, she can’t be told, she’s too busy building walls’ will be marching around your brain for day.

ALBA – Mass Extinction – Release: Out now

‘Mass Extinction’ is an exciting concoction of funky drums, wah pedals and tight syncopation working together to address the vital climate emergency we’re facing and has been released under the newly-created Extinction Rebellion record label to raise funds to fight climate change. The track has a strong funk groove throughout, offering a breath of seriously cool, fresh air to the UK’s latest releases. The assertive vocals effortlessly convey the Earth’s current frightening state and how we all need to stand up and work together to overcome this ‘living hell’ and save mother nature. 

SINKA – ‘F.W.Y.K’ (EP) – Release: 17/4/2020

Opening with its adrenaline-fuelled title track F.W.Y.K. and revolving around a minor key, vigorous drums and intricate vocal runs throughout the chorus make the hairs stand up on your arms as the ghostly, mysterious omen of the song tightly grips you. The song is structured well and features an intense guitar solo dancing around a half time beat, massively impacting your eardrums. 

Further on in the tracklisting features ‘A Place You’ve Never Known’- a dreamy plethora of harmonies and melancholy emotion, efficiently contrasting from the static energy radiated by the rest of the tracks. The EP closes with ‘See What I See’ which will definitely leave you with a few bruises after a gig- distorted guitars and hard-hitting drums battle it out with one another throughout the songs’ introduction and impacting choruses behind it’s fierce, reverberated vocals. These guys have had a pretty exciting 2019 with support from the likes of Clash magazine and Amazon music and there’s no doubt that the F.W.Y.K EP is going to make their 2020 a whole lot busier.

Thomas and the Empty Orchestra – Old Crow – Release: Out Now

‘Old Crow’s jangly folk sound is certainly reminiscent of Noah and the Whale’s early years with picked guitar, striking piano chords and a steady, constant beat throughout. The lyrics’ dark nature depicts a rage-filled conversation about political discourse and mental health between two individuals from different generations, and how they believe it’s their own choice to allow negative feelings to take over. Though an interesting topic and perspective to lyrically write from, the passion of the subject isn’t quite radiated instrumentally throughout the track. The safeness of the major folk structure doesn’t indicate that the topic of the song is actually quite intriguing, risking the emotion to become overlooked.

Samantha Lloyd – Waiting on Water – Release: Out Now.

Through ethereal, delicately controlled vocals, ‘Waiting on Water’ narrates the gloomy story of a relationship that has neither begun nor finished, with the reverb over the isolated vocals really embodying that bitter feeling of emptiness. Throughout the song, there are very subtle hints of timpani and backing harmonies here and there but the instrumentation as a whole is solely reliant on piano chords and vocal runs. The song certainly channels its emotive nature well but the backbone of the song is left slightly bare and could have been carried a little better with a stronger variety in its instrumentation.