RGM Recommends – The Singles

Hurray for Tuesday – Where the Wind Blows

Manchester psych-pop quintet Hurray for Tuesday could brighten any atmosphere with their best single to date ‘Where the Wind Blows’. Released on an unlucky day for some, Friday the 13th, it’s come at a time where the world needs happiness. With a theme of city life mixed with anxiety and depression, it’s the mantra behind the song that gives it that radiant smile. Breaking out of the continuous walls of anxiety, Where the Wind Blows is a track that shines with clarity and showcases that this band are ones to watch.

Corpulent Provocateur – Brown

Friday the 13th seemed to have released a few hits all over the globe. Czech band Corpulent Provocateur released their latest single “Brown” and it’s alt-rock, grunge sound unveils that this style of music is far from over. Reflecting on the problems associated with alcohol addiction, the rhythmic number grooves into tomorrow and states that grunge is returning with a fresh face. Recorded at The Animal Farm Music Studios in London, Corpulent Provacteur will get you dancing around your room miming into a hairbrush.

Inwater – Memory

Memory is the 4th single of Inwater’s debut album ‘Wet Dreams’. Described as hypnotic and groundbreaking, alt-rock Inwater are poetic to say the lest. “Memory” whispers a melody of freedom and showcases a band doing something completely different. There’s moments where the single feels like it could be linked into the progressive rock world, but mainly, it’s an alt-rock with a hint of experimental underneath. Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Whale Studios by Miguel Moreira and Rui Duarte, the overall sound is wide and compliments a band being true to themselves.

Pomona XV – Fools Summer

Manchester-based indie-shoegaze duo Darcy Cox & Miles Burke return with “Fools Summer”, a 4 track debut EP that clouds itself in a dream-pop aura. The Floor is Lava features Katie Pham & The Moonbathers, a warming lo-fi arrangement and a short but sweet overall feel. A track that’s a perfect fit for the first number on the EP. “G L U E” may be the longest track on the EP, but it’s what holds it all together. ‘Interlude’ does what it says on the tin. Previously released single “We Can Live Comfortably” uses an excellent chorus modulation to highlight the duo’s sound. Last number “In Dreams” stands out from the rest to me. Using a colourful spectrum, it feels like we’re watching support for My Bloody Valentine. A fantastic debut EP from an excellent outfit.

Améli – Fahrenheit

Améli are an electronic rock quartet from Manchester. Storming straight into the week with their new single “Fahrenheit” (March 20th), they have a distinctive sound of industrial mixed into their production. Filled with grit and post-hardcore elements, they’re a difficult band to put into a specific genre. Creating their own aura, the energetic single explores through poetic lyrics but doesn’t give the topic fully away, leaving listeners wanting more. An explosive single that refuses to be left unattended, “Fahrenheit” is a fiery number that feels like a volcano eruption. 

Blue Orchid Reaction – Animal with No Mate (Released April 18th)

Creating songs to escape the mundane, Blue Orchid Reaction are a Yorkshire quartet about to release their forthcoming EP “$ Chord Theory”. Taking off the EP “Animal With No Mate” is an indie meets progressive rock number that feels refreshing in today’s day and age. The production doesn’t feel as big as it should be, can you imagine what it would be like in pure clarity. Nevertheless, you can still hear the exquisite songwriting from the outfit. A track that will leave you stunned from its a weirdly wonderful arrangement.