RGM Recommends – The Singles

Stocksnskins – Drinks N Nibbles

Where this would once have been a genre I wouldn’t entertain I found myself drawn in by the spoken prowess of the tracks. Social Commentary delivered using humerous but sharp hitting words that are socially conscious and depict the current landscape of society within the UK.

I found the rhythms of beats and bass to be uplifting and engaging. I felt there was a love child blossoming from a fling between the streets and Sleaford mods.. There is a dip of the toe in these streams but I believe stocksnskinshave moved camp and found a plot upriver to call home. 

2 birds I found trippy and words to keep me further on edge. With an acknowledgement towards mental. Health. I felt like I was in a manic maze with no way out but to sit and enjoy the melodies, jagged notes and social Observations noted through creative wordsmith. 

Bang it down swiftly brought be down a side alley to. 80s electronica and more precise commentary on the society we exist in. I felt like I was taken on a trip through life and the estates and trodden communities of England. 

A great piece and well worth a listen.. I would definitely take time out to catch them if nearby.. Just to engage with the analogies presented 

Drinks n nibbles brought a smile to the conclusion with commentsry in class separation and injustices that ensue with the  unrealistic and detached  upper classes. It made me feel how isolated they can be from the real world we exist in. 

Worth a listen and to take a trip to see live I reckon as I would be interested in how it transferred to a set.

Paper Buoys .. LIAA

The Birmingham Four piece send us this toe tapping single at a time when upbeat rhythmic and jangling happy guitar tracks are Well and truly needed. 

An uplifting song which waist no time in crashing into an anthem style rout after a dramatic entrance. If not it will soon be on the radar of the NME as it sends a statement of intent to fill halls with bouncing youth grappling for a crowd surf. 

The vocals compliment the uplifting melodies, and in gig less times the track could drag many off the sofa for a living room pseudo gig.

Gary John Taylor – Rhino Skin

This guy is a genius singer/songwriter which is a term used far too often by others these days. A troubadour who can wear the badge and T shirt.. His music can resonate with so many.. There is no discrimination towards generation or demographic in his delivery and offering..

A seasoned musician with talent oozing from every line he sings or chord he plays. He has caught the moment with this track beautifully and bared his soul to share..

Everyone could relate to the poignant lyrics and celticfolk softness of the melodies. His voice too has a soft yet husky tone to it that will harbour in your mind long after you press stop or pause. 

A crackin track that should be filling airwaves soon. Check out the video that premiered on RGM. This shows passion of him and his followers and a great depth of creativity. 

The Battery Farm – Poet Boy

If you like your eardrums to be caressed with sandpaper which I do.. this is the track for you..Passionate.. Guts..Energy and a full on emotional roller-coaster..

It felt like being on the big dipper while high jacking the ghost train..The lads have pulled everything out of the bag for this one.. And I can’t get enough of the  cascading drums layered with piercing guitars and a voice that is both sensual and abrasive.. 

But wait until the end, where a tsunami of punk thrash hits you like a slab of stone falling from a currently desolate ghost town building site. This is Manchester personified in a few minutes. 

If you haven’t seen them live yet – Do. Soon the cult following will transfer to rooms of rioting reprobates with the reaper reverberating through their soul.

Tinfoils – Spitting ( Out 17th April)

This drew me as the first bass line gripped my chest.. It was followed by aggressive spitting lyrics as the title does suggest.. If this was played at any known gig venue I attend I would be drawn to the mosh pit defying my age and carried through to the end by ferocious and ferral musicianship amongst the marauding alcofuelledmasses.

Both energetic and chaotic this track sent me to a world where chas and Dave were reincarnated as a crass, social commentating havoc causing party punk band…

Dont take that too lightly or literally as a direct reference, a compliment to the jovial angled lyrics combined with the fast exhilarating and well arranged music  this trip have a rightful place in the thriving underground scene which is soon to raise its growling face to the public..

I’ve seen these live, you won’t be disappointed.. Just leave your best trainers at home..

Words by Jack Aka Leon the pig farmer