RGM Recommends – The Singles

Riviera- The Q (Out now)

The Derby based 5 piece have just released their debut single The Q and they have nailed the catchy Anthemic hook that music lovers search for. The songs we strive to sing, shout,and scream loudly along too. THE Q has that potential. Lead Singer Archie Orme’s vocals and style come across strong and reminiscent of the old manchester indie scene and with influencers such as The Stone Roses, The Sex Pistols and The Beatles, Riviera have the potential to erupt across the scene in a big way. The Q has some absolute magic riffs from guitarists Billy Watson, Josh Ideson, and Bassist Joe Woodhead and with thumping Beats from drummer Danny Overton, it reminds me of The Clash and their massively catchy Anthemic tunes. All in all THE Q gets a big thumbs up from me. One criticism though is The guys need to find someone to do their socials and get more involved in spreading Riviera’s sound.

‘Oh me oh my, you might find, you might find it’. Ive definitely found a new ear worm in THE Q .

YNES – ALL I DO (dream of you) (Out now)

Essentially All I do (dream of you) is a love song. The easily chilled licks of a guitar and soft drum beats make this song very easy to get lost in. It’s catchy chilled, poppy, eccentric and you can hear a lot of Kate Nash in YNES’ musical style and she cites her as a musical influence. The songs lyrics are reminiscent of a love that consumes your every waking moment and borders on obsession when every second is filled by that one person. But despite the tracks honest obsessive truth, it does make a very catchy pop song. All I do (dream of you) is one of those songs that flit between genres. It is essentially a pop song but with hints of emo punk mixed in.

YNES (real name Kira) is every bit the independent musician and with her vibrant quirky look she is every bit the punk princess. With 2 previous tunes under her belt, Ynes was due to release her debut EP end of March. But with the world currently going to shit, she has postponed it till later in the year. I’m sure The English-Canadian pop punk Riot grrrl’s debut EP will be worth the wait. For now, catch YNES on Facebook live keeping us all entertained.

Happy science – AN INDUCTION TOO. (Out now)

Not being a fan of spoken word I wasn’t completely won over by An introduction too. 

Before the song officially starts, you are introduced to Alfred Hitchcock’s famous interview ‘Definition of happiness’. The whole 1:22 seconds of it (There is a radio edit version without). A slow beat starts and your transformed into a psychedelic drug-fuelled trance (Do this with your eyes closed. But only if it’s safe to do so. E.g. Not whilst driving.).It’s clear HAPPY SCIENCE’ are a band of film fans. ‘AN introduction too’ would fit right in with a protagonist in a gritty indie film lost in a world of drugs on the verge of an overdose before they are woke. 

Honest opinion it’s a grower. After a fair few listens I could begin to see the appeal of what the guys want to showcase. There is definitely a cliche market out there for this self-claimed ‘alternative to alternative rock’. The band certainly are innovators to be watched. Dan, Callum, Christian, and Finn are a collective of multi-instrumentalists, songwriters, producers, and mix engineers and their hard work is clear within the elements of the song. I’m intrigued to what comes next from HAPPY SCIENCE if this is their debut single.

Blue Kubricks- Heroin (Released 10th April 2020)

Blue Kubricks have been on the scene for a few years now. Bringing us this new beauty ‘Heroin’ a song that despite a band vote of 4-1 for yes the songwriter (Jim) voted no stating insanity as his reasoning.

Bringing you a ‘Santana’ feel with the lustrous lick of a guitar and drums that instantly transports you into a groove of funk-punk rock that will appeal to fans of pearl jam and red hot chilli peppers. D ‘Heroin’ (the song not the drug)is described by the band “as a song of the fragility of the line between living the life of a rocker and the music that defines your existence as thus. Sex drugs and rock n roll”.

Or rather as they say,“rock n Roll and sex and drugs more like”. BK consists of brothers Jim and Jesse who confess to playing music since breastfeeding. In their words ‘from nip to guitar lick’. They have traveled far and wide to become the band they now are. The brothers originally from Finland have traveled the Uksearching and putting down roots and currently hail in Leeds where Jesse is enlisted on a music production course.  

New single ‘Heroin’ is released 10th April. But you can check out the live recorded version now on their socials filmed in Northern guitars Leeds.


Returning after a hectic 2019 after winning Virgin records best new band and flying out to LA to headline the Roxy Theatre in the summer of 2019. Lyerr are back with their newest release ‘ride our luck’ an anthemic sound to rival those classic manchester tunes we all love to associate with on a deeper level. ROL has the potential to become a classic as big as Wonderwall. I can see it now in 20 years our kids singing classics like this on indie karaoke. It has a very bespoke indie feel that warms your soul from within. 

Telling a beautiful story along the way through the soulful voice of lead vocalist and guitarist Ryan Johnson. The song was intended to be a lot faster than it is. But thanks to the help of Andy Bell who stopped by during a rehearsal. He helped the boys slow the song down to form the masterpiece is it now. Having been working with Andy of Oasis and Ride fame. Ryan, Sam, Rory and James have promised new music for 2020. With influences from such a prominent part of the 90s music scene its no wonder big things are happening for Lyerr. Catch theLyerr boys doing a live stream for Lockdown fest 2020 12thApril 2020 as part of City sounds MCR.