RGM Recommends – The Singles

MOSES – Waiter (Released 3rd April)

The first single from an anticipated debut album by Moses has melodies that flow with groove and attitude. Starting with a nice reverbed rhythm guitar sound, plus vocals that consistently lift up and down conveys a mood of uncertainty which kept me intrigued to carry on listening. As the song carries on it gradually gets more and more upbeat, as if the song itself is battling the original mood it conveyed. The chorus got me going and really lifted not only my mood but the mood of the track itself. The whole band brings together a light towards the end of this single where mainly darkness prevailed at the start of it. I am certainly looking forward to hearing the full album which will be released on the 17th of April.

Harry Heart – Fell So Low (Released 18th March)

There’s so much emotional feel when listening to this track and a real eeriness that coincides with some colourful sounding instruments, a strange mixture but I think it works really well. It’s a very short and sweet single and each section brings something new to the table which makes a vastly entertaining listen. It’s a perfect track for the current isolation that has become on us all, this song takes you away and gives summer feels of being outside and simply relaxing in the sun, a very nice track indeed.

The Attic Movement – Warm Light of Your Love (Released 3rd April)

After listening to this track, I was very impressed with the atmospheric effect and dynamics The Attic Movement has created within the song. The vocals give us a story of love and the melody certainly portrays the art of it. The piano carries the song and images the soft side of the feel, whilst the guitars and drums come in with a bang but strangely keeps a sense of peace within this track. A great ballad which I’m sure will have a big impact on the music industry, singer songwriter, Matt Williams, has created a fine song and it’s not surprising having set himself a challenge of writing a song per day for a month. The hard work is easily evidenced after hearing this song and working alongside producer, Chris Wilkinson, has certainly took the track on the right path.

Chris D’Lima – Tired (Released 20th March)

With an 80’s nostalgic feel mixed with modern pop, this single tells a story of someone who wants a break from the current affairs they’re in, Chris D’lima has had a well earned break and come back with a dark yet catchy song. The track consists of plenty of great bass synth sounds alongside side with well made melodies which has a sense of influence from the band “Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Dark” and “Duran Duran”. Having listened to the single a couple of times I found myself coming back to it again and again, it’s certainly a song that gets stuck in your head. Already having offers from major labels in the past it wouldn’t surprise me if there are more continuing offers in the near future for this artist, this single definitely has the potential to be in the mainstream charts.

Dalmas – Draw The Line (Released 27th March)

This single gets going immediately with catchy riffs that flow at a constant level throughout the whole track. A steady groovy verse is impacted by a powerful chorus, impactful vocals as well as all the instruments going for it with all they’ve got, a great formula for making a top-class song in my opinion. What I found most intriguing about this single is the chord structure, I expected a part to go one way and it completely went the opposite, a sure sign of uniqueness and shows the band have got something original, their own sound. I can only see this band getting better and better in times to come, Dalmas are definitely one to look out for.

Jack Cattell – Love Me (Released 28th February)

This single brings forth a bass line and many guitar riffs that are catchy and get stuck in your head. The chorus is very impactful and has a rememberable melody that is sure to get a crowd singing and dancing. There’s some nice harmonising within the vocals that stretches the dynamics and gives more character to the track itself. I can definitely imagine myself hearing this single in clubs in the near future, it’s a good song and one to listen to for getting motivated. Jack Cattell I believe has a promising future in the music industry.