RGM Recommends – The Singles

Manalishi- What’s In Your Head (Release: 04/04/20)

‘What’s In Your Head’ rips the seams of punk rock well and truly open with cutthroat vocals, harsh dynamics, hypnotic chants and trance-inducing rhythms. The track radiates a dark nature yet somehow feels like a kaleidoscopic trip, constantly disorientating you within its diminished melodies and mystifying lyrics. Although the songs backbone only consists of a limited range of notes, trippy effects, monotonous riffs, and sheer brutality effortlessly weave its way around them, making for a seriously psychotropic experience.

Deep Shade – Airwaves (Release: 28/03/20)

Here’s something to really get lost in- ‘Airwaves’ is built on layer upon layer of wild effects and counter-melodies, working harmoniously to create a piece you can truly drift away in. The mystery of the track simply expands with each listen, discovering new instrumental lines, additional vocals or contrasting sounds every single play.  ‘Airwaves’ jolts between its floaty verses and heavy choruses unbelievably smoothly, tying the whole song together flawlessly. STREAM HERE

VALA – Say You Want It (That Way) (Release: 20/03/20)

‘Say You Want It (That Way)’ is a jangly indie-pop treat that will definitely get you dancing around your bedroom.  Though the song itself deals with feelings of not wanting to get much older, the relatable lyrics woven around off-beat, chorus-filled guitars make for a wonderfully effective feel-good track. Reminiscent of summery feelings, the layered vocals in the chorus create a dreamy, familiar melody to sing along to, and with half-time drumbeats decorated with fuzzy solos, you’ve got yourself a model example of a great indie-pop track.

PaperSailor – Deepest Gold (Release: 24/04/20)

Glasgow based one-man alt-rock band PaperSailor’s upcoming single has everything you’d want from an alt-rock track; thrashy beats, overdriven guitars, raucous vocals and momentous riffs. The overall mix of the song has arranged really well- to be able to achieve a delicate mix on such a heavy song is definitely admirable. The song’s added details such as synths, crowd-like chants, dissonant guitar solos plus the use of reverb and phaser amongst the overdrive really make the song writing and attention to detail shine through. All these additional details intertwine so effectively in making this therapeutic burst of rage extremely memorable.

The Rezner – Wouldn’t You Like To know (Release: 21/02/20)

The Rezner’s latest release is straight to the point, sweeping you up with its flashy, static guitar riffs, hurls you right into the whirlwind that is ‘Wouldn’t You Like to Know?’. Inspirited with gritty lyrics and syncopated choruses, the song certainly embodies noughties indie, with about ten times more energy. The caffeinated song is a frenzy of power, channelling the intensity of an adrenaline-fueled gig right from the bones of a song.

Olly Flavel- Idea (Release: 24/04/20)

‘Idea’ shares a heart-breaking account of someone travelling miles to confess their love to somebody only for it not to be reciprocated. The idealistic vocals, striking chords and emotive choruses would make this pop-ballad perfect for that ‘big moment’ in an early 2000’s rom-com movie. Although exploring a more sensitive topic, the melodies explored throughout the track are recycled a couple of times with that passion not quite reaching the surface. ‘Idea’s love-struck, gushy lyrics are slightly predictable however this just makes the song easier for the listener to sing along to.