RGM Recommends – The Singles

False Heads – Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole feels like a concoction of numerous subgenres on the heavier side of the scale, all existing simultaneously and overlapping in this track. There are unmistakable elements of metal which contribute to the bulk of this broth, but it would be wrong to ignore the distinct punk flavours offered mainly from the vocals. On the whole, this is an infectious piece of music. Even to somebody relatively foreign to the arts of metal I found myself helpless but to engage with it, as is its nature to grip you and almost attack. It’s clear why they have been vocally supported by Iggy Pop and Danny Fields, and at RGM we expect to hear much more from them.

James Munro – Pictures

This moody EP from the Stockport singer-songwriter has distinctive winter vibes, not only in the lyrics where he questions the lack of leaves on the trees, but in the sombre, but touching, overtones of this release. Almost feeling cinematic in places, the titular track elicits imagery of cold dark nights, but the floaty melodies certainly counteract that with vibes of warmth and safety. Although you instinctively draw similarities with David Grey, and even perhaps Stephen Fretwell, James’ music is unashamedly different, made so by the serenity, and depth of lyricism he possesses. A very strong and memorable EP.

The Suicide Notes – Smoke It Like A Cigarette

An acoustic teaser of things to come which has left us on the edge of our seat for what is to come next. This certainly has the feel on being an acquired taste due mainly to the uniqueness they have gained with their genre-fluid approach to music. With vocals more suited to a US rock outfit groaning over the tranquillity of an acoustic guitar, you could be forgiven on first hearing for trying to work out what they ‘are’. However, when you sit back and take this in for what it is, unlike anything I have heard before, it becomes an intriguing, and impressive piece of music.

Desenser – Normality 

A chaotic rock track on all levels, Normality is anger and energy-filled storm, only broken briefly by a cleaner, more methodic riff at its midpoint before launching back in with more venom than before. A track that you struggle to sit still whilst listening to, it is driven by the relentless thud of drums which are locked in a power struggle with the equally infectious vocals. The break into what appears a more indie inspired riff offers a moment for refuelling, and also a welcome element of distinctiveness to the track, before an ebbing and flowing outro brings the whole experience to a head with inevitable in-your-face power.

Cottons – Bitter

A poetic, lyric driven track bemoaning our tendencies to be bitter, rather than get better. This tune has spoken word vibes, with little need for more melodic elements, it instead relies on vocals to carry it, similar in many ways to the likes of Frank Turner. The instrumentals are intentionally minimal throughout, and it successfully creates an almost floaty vibe which is very easy to listen to. All the makings of a band who could go on to do big things, and  for one am looking forward to seeing it