RGM Recommends – The Singles

Cavalcade – Ultraviolet – 28.03.20

This track begins with a heavy instrumental influence which is consistent throughout. The guitar takes the starring role with rich electric riffs coming in and out of the track, supported by heavy drumming which collaborates well. 

The chorus introduces a catchy rock and roll sound, with aggressive vocals which resemble shouting in the spirit of rock. This creates a beautiful contrast between the verses which follow, which use a softer tone of voice, and reflects  highs and lows of a rock and roll lifestyle. However this contrast doesn’t clash, as the vocals slowly build throughout each verse, gradually evolving to a scream in time with the chorus. 

Finally as the interlude is introduced, it has a moody, dark feel reminiscent of Paramore’s Decode, written for vampire movie franchise Twilight. This adds depth to the single overall and finishes off the track nicely. 

Creem Circus – Gimme Glitter – January 2020

From the first few seconds alone, the track has a nostalgic, 60/70’s sound which gets your head bopping and feet tapping. 

As this track progresses there is a feel good spirit throughout it, and before you know it you’ll be up doing a side step. It really takes you back to the old school way of rock and roll which is sometimes forgotten, which is similar to artists like The Beetles. 

However, it has a modern twist which could be compared to the Arctic Monkeys perhaps, certainly in their tranquility based hotel era. If you’re a fan of either of these artists you’re sure to enjoy this single. 

There is parts of the song where the lyrics are hard to engage with, because there is so much going on instrumentally and production wise, although I think with a track like this, the lyrics are secondary to the way it makes you get up and dance. 

FoxGlove – Slow 28.03.20

Transcendent, trippy, psychedelic. These are three words which describe this track.

There are elements of both pop-rock and alternative genres within this track, which makes it perfect for chilling and vibing in the sun with a couple friends. The gradual build up to a slowly more upbeat song, without becoming  overwhelming is what makes it so good for a gathering of good people and good vibes. 

Vocally there are parts where it looses its way in the track, especially on the chorus where it is a fight of too many sounds at once. However, for the most part there is an angelic and flowy voice which compliments the production greatly. 

“Slow” shows elements of tame impala and the XX while remaining uniquely different from these well known artists. 

Floral Scene – Presse Jouer – 23.03.20

Immediately there are similarities to artists like Rexe Orange County, as this song offers some song-rap and acoustic instrumental, which creates for a feel good mood. If you’re a fan of a track which you can have a stroll in the sun to, then this is one to add to the walking playlist. 

The song is consistent throughout and has a fresh sound which is unlike many other artists today. The acoustic guitar takes a prominent place working alongside the soft, somewhat conversational vocals well. 

If there was anything this single could do better, it would be to put the instrumental further to the back so that the lyrics could have more emphasis and prominence. However, it’s certainly music which will put a spring in your step and set the tone for the day. 

Fossa – Evolve 13.03.20

The track comes in with a soft beat which gradually “evolves” if you will. There is a definite heavy techno and electronic influence throughout the single. 

It’s something I imagine you’d hear at a day time pool party in Ibiza, cocktail in hand and good times in abundance. 80’s techno springs to mind, especially as the song develops, bringing in more and more electro. 

Being a 5 minute and 30 second long song, id expect a bit more as it does becomes somewhat continuous and repetitive. The track could have easily been cut down a minute or so. The song could use perhaps some vocals or verbal influence of some kind, which may have lessened the repetition. 

Overall, I’d you’re looking for a song to have a little dance to this is a definite contender for dance track of summer 2020.