RGM Recommends – The Singles

Cold Culprits – We Will Bleed

Half Ian Brown, half Nintendo. Drunk loud-hailer vocals, wobbly synth keys and high gain guitar that weave in and amongst eachother.

We Will Bleed has just enough northern bedroom DIY edge to be properly listenable. ‘Cold Culprits’ implies a plural, but is actually just one bloke.

Featuring genuinely concerning, soul-baring lyrics such as “You get violent sometimes, I don’t mind ‘cos it means you’re mine”.

I hope you are safe in your quarantine Andy Watson. Make some bread or something.

Little Illusion Machine – Skeletal Lust-Bug Tapes

Featuring big cave reverb, fuzzy Egyptian guitar lines, surfy Fender sparkle, a super weird sounding bass drum that really does some quite lovely things. There’s even a song with Bobby Deniro on.

This EP is Recorded on an iPhone XR. If you own a recording studio – have a little think about your life.

You can currently buy the iPhone XR from £20.99/mo. or £509 with trade-in.

Children of the State – Big Sur

A single from the sunny coasts of Doncaster, Beautifully produced fuzzy basslines and some wonderful crooning. An extra melancholy Sam Cooke vibe.

I remember when when my grandma and granddad used to take me on holiday to Donny, all the way from Featherstone. It was a welcome retreat, and this lovingly considered song does that justice. Lovely, punchy basslines and olden days production.

The New Righteous Mood – A Few Righteous Tunes EP

Undoubtedly a little bit San Franciscan, and a little bit mid-sixties New York. Meat and potatoes Garage-rock and post-punk of an uplifting variety, simple and tastefully put together.

Thick barrages of clean guitar, poppy high spirited vocal harmonies. ‘Sleepwalker’ sounds like an ode to Velvet Underground’s ‘Sunday Morning’.

The handful of rooms you are currently confined to are best neglected. Enjoy this in the garden.

Dr Orange – Comes in Threes

Dr Orange looks exactly like them blokes from 60’s proto-punk band The Music Machine.

My dad keeps telling me things ‘come in threes’ and I think he’s right, although upon realising a third thing has raised it’s head I probably fail to notice the fourth.

This song was written in three minutes, a stripped back earworm built around a tasty, memorable hook. Some lovely organ-like keys. Looking forward to something a little more exciting. I do not doubt that Dr Orange will deliver.