RGM Recommends – The Singles

Bootlace, Wonderland (Omega Mix 2)

Opening with a tribal drum beat before dropping into a deep track with vocals that are full of attitude, very distinct given the strong accent permeating them.

There’s a sense of little care surrounding both the subject matter, and the music delivery with Wonderland. Even dropping in muted guitar solos at distinct points, never fully taking control of the track, instead melding with the fast paced rhythm section in a smooth manner. 

Wonderland carries a surprisingly laid back sound despite its fast pace, but is also a sound that has a very low impact in the grand scheme of things.

Jess Kemp, We Were Falling 

There’s a gentle and romantic style in We Were Falling, one that fits very well with its unique fusion of styles incorporated into the song. 

With genres that take queues from country, ballads, pop and even some trap. Utilising a drum machine alongside acoustics, and Jess’s own vocals in a looped style makes it known that she’s in full control of every faculty of the song. 

Utilising looping samples of a variety of aspects gives that raw, live on stage feel, as things layer on top of one another to make what is, at its core, a beautiful love song.

Red Shakes, Your Love Today

Utilising a criminally underused retro style, Red Shakes song is full of tongue in cheek lyrics that would easily put a smile on many faces. With a sound that feels like it’s pulled straight out of the 50’s and 60’s with its, ‘doo doo do do do’ lyrics in its opening and closing moments. 

There’s a borderline cheesy feel to it that never gets too silly, rather toeing the line just enough to be taken seriously in its tale of a guy missing a girl. 

With a bopping guitar that fits perfectly with the style it’s trying to emulate, Your Love Today as upbeat as you can get without overstepping the mark. 

HAiG (Feat. Billy Bibby), Did I just Make You Smile

Delving into a blues style alongside a contemporary indie rock sound, HAiG manages to pull a surprisingly strong rock’n’roll track from the ether. 

With such a variety of genres put to use, and a strong guitar, bass, and drum trio to back it up. 

Did I Just Make You Smile could easily be the poster child of how to mix genres seamlessly into a strong sounding, yet also melancholic, song. With former Catfish and The Bottlemen guitarist, Billy Bibby lending his talents to the song, it’s easy to see why the pair managed to create a hell of a song.