RGM Recommends – The singles

The Blinders – Lunatic – Release date: April 20th, 2020

This Track has a lot to pick up on, starting with a Guitar riffing, and quickly including more and more sound. In Places this track is quite heavy so if you’re into more of a relaxed sound this may not be for you. 

It feels as though you would hear this song in a chaotic fight scene of an independent movie. The track name lunatic fits well, as you hear the chaotic drama of which lyrically it addresses. It is a political statement track, which calls out society unapologetically.

Overall the track gives you bounds of energy and emotion, with serious themes throughout.

The Rolling Stones – Living in a Ghost Town – Release date: April 23rd, 2020.

Immediately you are met with the legendary The Rolling Stones sound – beautifully transcendent instrumental and that psychedelic 70’s feel. However, written by Mick Jagger this track takes refreshingly new approach, different to what we’ve heard before. 

The backing track remains rock n roll influenced of course, but there is a much softer approach to the overall sound. The guitar riffs are drawn out and slower paced then some of their previous tracks, which really allows you to appreciate the Vocals and lyrics fully. 

Are we still going to hear those strong rock influenced vocals you ask? Indeed, you are, as although in parts he can slow it down and draw focus lyrically, he just as well brings it back up and lets you have it. 

The Rolling Stones still have it! It is a fun, modern take on a timeless kind of music. 

Alex Rave & the Sceptical – Reasons – Release date: May 8th, 2020.

Straight away you are met by a very western style movie mood. The track uses soft extended Guitar riffs to form this hazy drifter sound, which draws you in eagerly awaiting the rest of the song. 

You are hit by these strong, emotive vocals which are beautifully produced to form a sense of sorrow. This is cohesive lyrically as we join a journey through feelings of dissatisfaction and the battle between being in love and finding a reason to live. 

As I listened and the track went on, I had imagery of a broken-down man who had overcome a lot but was left in the middle of a busy street still unhappy as life goes on. 

The production was incredibly well thought out, timing when to add more and take away sounds perfectly. It’s a song where you will find some new layer, or sound or meaning which every listen and overall holds the qualities of a timeless track. 

Babe Punch – Wildfire – Release date: April 15th, 2020.

This Feminist power girl group mean business and this track lets you know it. Coming in with strong drumming and heavy guitar work you are instantly intrigued. 

I hear this song in an 80’s chick flick thriller like heathers or The Craft, as the characters strut into school. You will want to get dressed up to go nowhere just to walk to this track. 

They are heavily influenced by rock icons such as Stevie Nicks and Led Zeppelin and you can hear that in this punk rock power track. 

I feel the production overall could have been a little tidier in places, as there were parts of the song where it got lost. However, the vocals were strong, and you can hear the self-awareness of this eccentric punk band in every note. 

Arcwords – Finger on The Trigger – Release Date: May 8th, 2020

Listening for the first time, I spent the first 30 seconds wondering who they reminded me of. They are a more upbeat positive version of The Smiths, which is never a bad thing. 

This track will flow through the speaker into your ears and get you out of your chair to have a dance. There is an immediate uplifting sound right from the start, and this builds throughout to create a feel-good anthem. 

Sonically, there is an uncertainty about where the vocals are going but this fades as the track progresses and the singer becomes more at ease. I fell in love with the lead singers voice when the chorus hit, and if like me you’re a sucker for a more alternative vocal, so will you. 

It’s fun, uplifting and has a uniqueness which is refreshing. We at RGM cannot wait to hear what else this band comes up with.