RGM Recommends – The Singles

NEEDSHES – Don’t Make Me Cry (Release: out now)

 ‘Don’t Make Me Cry’ is well and truly a four-dimensional track that impacts you from every angle. The misty opening guitar riff is completely misleading, suggesting the beginning of an indie-rock track however, intricate drums and reverberated bongos soon diminish that thought. Combining orchestral elements with alt-rock, trap, soul and everything else in between, ‘Don’t Make Me Cry’ offers layer upon layer of perplexing energy. Contrasting between song and rap, the vocal parameters are stretched to their limit unbelievable effectively, strongly fronting the mosaic of suspenseful strings, sharp post-effects and downright almighty chaos.

C’est la vie – Lili Caseley (Release: out now)

Comprised of cool, intertwining synth based countermelodies and velvety vocal harmonies, ‘C’est la vie’s flow is lusciously smooth. The electro-synthpop track is evocative of warm, sunny weather and is definitely something I can see listeners playing at full volume with their car windows down. Caseley’s vocals ease between singing in English and French, freely contributing to the fluidity of the music. Solidified with tight drum samples, the song’s post-effects glide through the track, perfectly rounding off its different layers and creating a seriously chilled piece of work.

Jamie Lawson – She Sings For Me (Release: out now)

Personifying music as the ‘She’ in ‘She Sings For Me’, Lawson’s latest release nods its head in appreciation to music always being there, whatever mood you’re in. The folky tune keeps its direction of acoustic guitar, strings, piano and vocals very safe, creating an easy-listening and linear track. Melodically it does lack a bit of guidance- with the lyrics conveying appreciation towards music as a whole, including aspects of alternative genres or different instrumental textures would have really helped the music to strengthen its message.

I Need You Love – INEGO (Release: out now)

INEGO’s indie-disco rock concoction ‘I Need Your Love’ is a completely refreshing, flawless track. Each interlaced element compliments one another so evenly with nothing becoming overshadowed or taking the spotlight. The verses are fronted by both a vocal line and a guitar riff played simultaneously, working together to create incredible sounding melodies. Unblemished drums lead perfect syncopation displayed throughout the track with a twangy, funky bass line radiating those exciting disco vibes. Both the vocals and the synths explore different textures in the song, ranging from clean to sharp and electrifying sounds where appropriate – certainly a track that gets you moving straight away.

Stuck In My Ear – CREEPING JEAN (Release: out now)

‘Stuck In My Ear’ is about receiving bad advice from others who think they know best, so what better way to fight back than with a driven, attitude-filled track? Reminiscent of the Kinks, the band’s catchy lines and excitement seeps through the music and, fittingly, gets stuck in your ears. CREEPING JEAN’s assertive vocals are clearly motivated by passion, matching the thrashy level of the drums and overdriven guitars. Sections of the track are decorated with phaser and reverb, allowing the vocals to contrast and show their softer side before jumping right back into that pumped up energy we all know and love.