RGM Recommends – The Singles


‘Everybody put ya hands up. Everybody put ya guns down’This Rock duo have brought us something incredible. Having met at an audition for another band, Alex and Scott realised they where musically perfect for each other and together LEONTAS was born. Deciding they wanted to use their lyrics to express their beliefs and social thoughts whist making their music sound aggressive and loud. Being just two of them could have posed problems, but no. With guitar and vocalist Alex Munteanu’s monstrous 3 amp sound and Scott Collier’s vocals and thunderous drums its hard to not be impressed by these guys. ‘GUNS DOWN’ brings you all the quality of a full band of instrumentalists whilst sticking to the anthemic sound and raw honesty that’s come to be expected from this dynamic pairing. Telling a story that promotes tolerance and compassion whilst rocking out some very playful riffs that reminisce of the early 00’s punk rock culture. ‘GUNS DOWN’ has a catchy old school classic rock feel whilsthaving a timeless message of peace and unity that is needed more than ever right now and has very much got classicanthem potential.


‘GRANFALLOON’ front man and vocalist Richard Lomax has a way of writing music inspired by dreams. ‘EGO’ is no exception. It has such a mournful nonchalant aspect that I can imagine it will speak to each listener differently, giving it a unique but peculiar individuality. I found i experienced thefeeling of being trapped in a Lewis Carroll inspired world of wonder that lured you to the darker side of greed, the type that leaves you with unanswered conundrums as the climax is reached. Such as a dream your vividly aware off before you wake, and that you can never know the true ending. The song is beautiful crafted and I found myself getting lost in Lomax’s Bowie-esque type vocals. Enough to check out the rest of the catalogue and recommend you do too. 


With influences from the MADchester of the 80’s. The trippy acid raves of the scene are ripe within ‘THE MALTHUSIANTRAPS’ sound. ‘PAST LIVES’ seems to air on the darker side of the Plymouth based bands trippy, alternative, electronic characteristic sound that they have previously released and are known for. However, the clear Mancurian accent of frontman Damon Foster proves that you can take the lad out of manchester but you can not take the Manchester out of the lad. With help of fellow band members James Cox (guitarist) and Doug Bishop ( bassist). The single is eerily reminiscent of a Freddy Kruger murder scene with the ominous beats and riffs. It doesn’t help that the video to accompany the song release is quite freaky too with dead eyed looking dolls popping up around every corner. Which will haunt me in my dreams for now on? 


Leeds based 4 piece have recently released their brand new EP since dropping 2 vowels from their name. ‘KVX’ previously know as ‘KOVAX’ are still the flannel wearing metal heads they have always been. But back with new music which was written by lead vocalist and guitarist Pete Freeth. Inspired by his process of dealing with his feelings and thoughts after a family member became terminally ill, ‘AGENDA REVEAL’ has possibly some of the truest lyrics I’ve ever heard screamed at me. 

It has a sad feel but whilst being ever bit the Post hardcore sound this band is known for. Track 2’GURNEY’ is both sad and funny with lyrics questioning how Owen Wilson plays the roles he does and still is himself. Then ending with lyrics such as ‘we’re all she has, just you and me.’ brings the sadness to such a unique song. In all the whole EP is rife with loss and turmoil, but it makes for very powerful and undeniably raw,honest music. 


With influencers such as Bruno Mars and Jamiroquai, Shaun Redlake is back with his debut release under his new sound and name after a year away. The joy I felt listening to ‘How to love you’ was clear across my face. With Funky riffs and a touch of soul and pop this is very much a feel good song that is all sunshine and rainbows in a crappy world. It’s got a catchy melody and lyrics that you instantly can sing along too. I cannot recommend this song enough. It is just what is needed to ensure staying in your homes is bearable. Having seen Shaun play it is a pleasure watching that smile creep up and the enjoyment he has creating music. I cant wait to hear what’s next. Do not hesitate to check out this track. I promise you will be dancing around your house with a smile to help brighten your spirit.