RGM Recommends – The Singles

Sleemo – Mutation Of

There’s something slightly unsettling about Mutation Of, whether it’s the unhinged vocals or the metal style seeping through in the guitar. The intricate use of guitar licks on all five of the EP’s tracks gives it an air of energy and danger when listening. Although it’s not straying into the darker territory of genres such as hardcore and doom, the use of a fast paced punk style adds to the edge superbly. Sleemo’s, Mutation Of is a dark journey through some of life’s darker subjects, packed into a tight hard rock and punk driven package with a lot of attitude. 

Soma Sons – Same Mistakes

Same Mistakes is a heartbreaking track that can likely be traced back to a very personal and delicate subject matter. The melancholic guitars play beautifully through its opening half before exploding in an outburst of bottled up feelings. This sudden outburst, going from gentle lullaby to a powerful expression of emotion really jolts the track into gear and makes something once gentle, now full of restrained anger. Finally closing with a Capella and nothing but a slow heartbeat accompanying the now regretful vocals. Soma Sons show the anatomy of expression perfectly with an ever-changing song that’s full of heartache. 

Everything After Midnight – Hades Town (Demo)

Everything After Midnight presents a smooth and slick demo of their track Hades Town . Brimming with attitude and always accompanied by the opening guitar lick, Hades Town is an easy listening alt-rock. Pumped full of easy going vocals, country-inspired guitar and gentle drums, the track meanders around in a chilled out way that feels like it’s got nowhere special to be. There’s no urgency here, and why should there be? It’s a gentle track that isn’t trying to pump people up, nor to bring them to tears. It’s easy listening alt-rock at it’s rawest form. 

Bad Fettle – Private Secret Confidential

As far as debut tracks go, Private Secret Confidential certainly sets a precedent and makes for a strong first impression. Utilising an upbeat sound that’s unbelievably full of life. With its twanging ska guitars and fast tempo, along with very 60’s era sound overall, it feels like the perfect modern throwback. It’s simultaneously out of time whilst carrying a lot of modern sensibilities. Bad Fettle give something that feels both new and vintage, making it stand out strikingly amongst other up and comers. 

Rock’n’Roll Army – The Captain of Rock’n’Roll

The Captain of Rock’n’Roll immediately harkens back to the bygone days of excess and fun loving music. It’s a very self aware affair, whether it’s vocals that can’t not be compared to the full on glam rock frontmen of the 80’s, or the blazing fast speed, or perhaps even the classic rock piano backing. It’s full of attitude and knows what it is, and it doesn’t care. The Captain of Rock’n’Roll is a track about having fun, and never truly letting that party hard attitude that permeated the late 20th century die.