RGM Recommends – The Singles

The Wired – Friends

Looking for a classic indie rock song by a group of young northern lads then ‘Friends’ the latest release from The Wired, ticks all the boxes. Singing about good times with good friends, the song has a nostalgic feeling and with its simple riffs helps you drift off into memories you had with your mates as you grew up. I can definitely see this one going down as a great song for the upcoming festival season.

Lucid Dreams – All Night

Lucid Dreams’ latest release ‘All Night’ is a great indie rock tune that will have even the most stubborn grumps tapping their foot along with the beat. For those with a more fun spirit, you’ll be dancing about to the funky rhythm and belting out the words with your friends. The chorus is the standout feature in the song as it is on the verge of pop with how catchy the rhythm and riffs are, yet it still manages to keep its indie charm. Definitely one to see live as you can imagine it would be great with a crowd all experiencing the same joy at the same time.

White Collar Rebel – All Falls Down

Straight from the off you can tell White Collar Rebel have talent, the guitar solo at the start is a great way to start the song. The song doesn’t stop there bringing in a funky riff that will have you moving while the song remains slow. It takes a bit when ‘All Falls Down’ gets going it is a belter. The Geordie lads really know how to put a song together from the vocals to riffs to the beat, it all works perfectly with each other. A great track that leaves wanting to hear more from White Collar Rebel.

HBBRD – Too Close to Call

HBBRD’s latest track ‘Too Close to Call’ is a great track that tries a few different things however not everything goes smoothly. The exciting start with a burst of drums and guitar makes way for subdued vocals on the verse leave you wondering where the song is going to go. However, once the chorus comes in the liveliness comes flooding back and out comes a very catchy upbeat chorus that you’ll be dancing along too. There’s a slight break in the song and they introduce a sort of echoed guitar riff that works extremely well and adds a lot of depth to the song. ‘Too Close to Call’ is a great showcase of the talent that HBBRD possesses and the future looks exciting for them.