RGM Recommends – The Singles

Bad Love – Hurricane

 Hurricane is set for release on 14 May, adding to their already impressive self titled ‘sad boy pop’ discography. It’s about those dreamy new relationship feels that can be so intense they mimic a cataclysmic weather event. Bad Love will fit in right at home with fans of the 1975 and Blossoms, it’s for those who like their guitar heroes to wear their hearts of their sleeves and their production sounds to be cinematic.

No Teeth – 1930s Graphic Design Menopause b/w Savers Teabags

Find me a better name for a single? I bet you can’t! Also I can’t knock a nod to saver tea bag! No Teeth are an Experimental Punk Noise Music collective hailing from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Rounding up a pleather of influences and characteristics and seemingly not giving a shit about what should and shouldn’t be mixed together with expert effect. Shouty punching vocals and clanging guitars create a sound destined to be heard in dark venue where the wine would be warm and the floor sticky but the set would be that good you wouldn’t care. This is my kind of dirty sounding noise. 

Lucky Iris – Get Ready With Me

Leeds alt pop duo Lucky Iris are creating their own unique brand of electro acoustic synth pop. Their debut EP Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home is based around a night on the town, that doesn’t go to plan and on reflection it may be better to stay home. First track Get Ready With Me needs to heard on Spotify playlists and radio waves with it upbeat melodies and sublime silky vocals. Overall an utterly refreshing EP and strong first release.

Velvet Shakes  – Believe It

I love Velvet Shakes, yep in the interest of honest reviewing, I’m openly stating I love Velvet Shakes and their cosmic disco pop. Since discovering them in the Whiskey Jar basement and hounding them after their set to play my radio show I’ve been a fan ever since. Pure laid back sun-drenched ear worm with beats that can transport you to that beautiful 9pm festival slot when you’re not too pissed and the sky is still light enough. Believe It didn’t disappoint me, with beautiful entwined vocals and harmonies and a chorus as catch as ever. This band were built for main stream radio and festival stages.

Fury – Burnout

If huge stadium rock sounds are your thing and you yearn for the days of with a clear love of old school metal like Iron Maiden and Metallica then Birmingham four piece Fury’s will be right up your street. The opening bass intro and solo were exquisite with rich and powerful vocals. Known for their dramatic live shows the band have managed to skilfully transfer this sound to the recording studio which is no easy thing to do.

Reardon Love – Locked In The Panopticon

With 80’s nostalgia is gaining momentum, Reardon Love are riding the crest of that proverbial wave and there is no sign of capsizing. Locked in the Panopticon is a synth based 80’s disco pop song with a dystopian Orwellian message which seems apt for current political climate. The vocals would fit perfectly as a sound track in an 80s Tom Cruise film, when Tom Cruise was considered good and not a scientology freak. It would be an alco pop fuelled indie disco filler if we were allowed such things.

Plastic Glass – Let Me Know

Let Me Know has that youthful exuberance indie vibe that recounts the tale of chasing a hard to get girl. Under the current state of affairs a track beginning ‘Come on let’s take it outside, we haven’t done this for a while’ has taken on a new wishful thinking twist. The lyrics bounce off against the staccato guitar licks which run playfully throughout the track. Overall a well craft piece of guitar driven pop.