RGM Recommends – The Singles

SWEARS – Seersucker

Incorporating influences of grunge, doom and punk, SWEARS upcoming EP certainly appeals to those fond of headbanging to solid, tenacious guitar melodies. Opening tracks Warm to the Touch and Say Nothing tailor themselves around thrashy drums and gritty riffs but follow a fairly predictable structure, making them feel more like album-fillers as opposed to raucous opening tracks. The EP certainly travels on an incline however, with it’s magnificent peak of Catacombs and Brain Dead forming themselves around a stylistically unique energy. This is really where the band’s passion forces itself to into the spotlight, pushing its fiery lyrics and intricate song writing to the back of your lungs. Catacombs especially stands out as the type of song that pumps you with adrenaline, making you want to scream the lyrics back with all the power you’ve got. 

Birthday Card – Radio Star

Birthday Card’s latest alt-pop release blends together elements of indie, mainstream pop and French new-wave to create their smooth new single, Radio Star. The post-effects and electronic melodies make you feel like you’re floating through a metallic wave of iridescent pop-magic, consuming you further with its enduring choruses and enchanting composition. The track seamlessly adapts itself to any setting, whether it’s travelling its way through your earphones and your daily commute or blasting through the speakers at a house party, Radio Star’s exclusive presence makes itself known. 


Leaving no space for breath, the hurricane that is Deleter impacts you with it’s erratic aura from the off. Fit to soundtrack the apocalypse, the entity of sheer noise produced by DEATH CULT ELECTRIC consumes its surroundings and won’t go unnoticed. The unparalleled and ominous mix of volcanic vocals and impenetrable rhythms certainly isn’t one for a bit of easy listening, but its almighty whirlwind of impending doom has no problem creeping into your veins and raising the hairs on the back of your neck.

Coruja Jones – The Crossing (Album)

Exploring the experiences leading up to and following the death of a loved one, Coruja Jones shares their emotional journey surrounding this moving subject.

Musically the album combines elements of folk and ambience to capture their mournfulness, and although the instrumentation is slightly limited, the arrangement is actually very effective in letting the raw lyrics guide you through the songs. The album opens with its title track ‘The Crossing’, radiating a pleasant type of melancholy sound which channels those cosy autumnal feelings. Strings and piano are at the forefront of the album, but the subtle elements of reverberated backing vocals, string-based counter melodies and guitars build a safe cocoon around the intimate emotions. The six track album works amazingly for both a relaxing listen or having a bit of a cry to, but what really stands out is that despite the sombre lyrics, Coruja Jones’ music has managed to create such a calm, easeful feeling throughout the album. 

GIVEWAY – Nettles

Seizing the excitement of underground nineties punk, GIVEWAY’s infectious energy and hardcore personality brightly radiates through their latest single ‘Nettles’. Embodied in a static ball of fuzz, the attitude-filled vocals perform flawless runs alongside the busyness of relentless guitar riffs and thrashy drumbeats. Despite the band’s young age, they have already conquered both their musicianship and their fierce sound, keep your eyes out for GIVEWAY as I’ve no doubt they’ve got an impressive future coming their way.