RGM Recommends – The Singles

Floodhounds – Something Primeval

Instantly raucous stomping distorted garage rock blues like the opening to a Black Rebel Motorcycle club classic and I love it. Sheffield trio Floodhound release the ridiculously ear worm worthy ‘Something Primaeval and I want desperately want to hear the band pay live as a thunderous bass like that could shake the floor. The snare accentuates the riffs and drives the song onwards to create a dirty rock and roll track just the way I like it. 

The Roster – Beyond Belief E.P

The Roster are a brand spanking new indie 5 piece hailing from Derby. Instantly differing from the usual bog-standard indie being churned out ‘Sewn’ opens with an easy piano reminiscent of Faith No More after which you’re hit with a superb vocal that, the kind of soulful rock growl that comes with years of excessive whisky drinking. ‘Made of lead’ continues with same slow-paced rock where with this time the guitar taking up the melody. ‘Not the Same’ stars much heavier, it significantly ups the pace and changes the vocal to a punchier chat style.

Throughout the three tracks the accompaniment is used sparingly and is very well placed. They haven’t fallen into that trap of over playing every riff and instead giving the melody room to breathe and never overpowers that vocal. Although admittedly overpowering that voice would take some doing. I’d be very interested in seeing this group live but for now this excellent EP will have to do. 

Shader – Time is Right

North West Indie rock & roller Shader have recently signed to Manchester’s 42’s Records to release their belting double A sided debut physical single May 29. I genuinely love this band have seen then on the North West band circuit several times. Signing with 42’s Records seemed like the perfect fit as the label really know how to pick indie floor fillers. ‘Time is Right’ is an uplifting anthemic indie rock at its best track with swirling guitar melodies and striking vocals. ‘Be My Saviour’ is wilder and more raucous with a grooving drum and bass. Both exceptional tracks that are sure to be hits with Shaders established fan based as well as acquiring them numerous new ones. 

Glow Worms Lantern – Cockbird 

Is easy listening indie a genre?? If it isn’t then this Sheffield quartet may have possible just have invented it. The ensemble is a curious but endearing mixture. The lackadaisical lounge style vocal would receive a round of applause from the ultimate indie crooner Devine Comedy’s Neil Hannon. Completed with a complimentary horn section and a sprinkling of comedic lyrics that include longer phrases than I can usually manage to weave into most of the reviews I write. 

Daydream Runaways – Gravity 

Wilshire rockers Daydream Runaways describe themselves as ‘Retro Modern rock’ their classic if not slightly heavier rock influences can clearly be heard throughout this well-crafted dark expressive track. Following on from three previously successful releases this will be a heartfelt welcome effort for fans of the four-piece. 

James Humphrys – Colour 

James Humphrys is a Bristol-based songwriter, producer and accomplished multi-instrumentalist. New single colour is a beautifully produced funk filled synth driven disco track. Humphry has a unique sound along with an extremely well placed and animated trumpet solo. While the genre isn’t one I would normally gravitate towards I found myself really appreciating it and genuinely feel it’s a strong track that will do well on commercial radio.

Solar Parachute – Can’t Help Myself

Solar Parachute is the solo project of Gaet Allard, drummer and multi-instrumentalist known primarily for playing drums with bands such as Balinger, Stoptoii and Perfect Line. ‘Can’t Help Myself’ is everything you want a rock song to be, seamlessly produced stark bold riffs building to am anthemic chorus tailed with an epic instrumental ending that is just begging to be played live.  

Kavanagh – Neon Baby

Bang rolling drums then distorted siren style guitars puncturing the beats is an tremendous way to start a track, fours bars in and I’m hooked on ‘Neon Baby’ The growling murmuring bassness of the vocals are like early Editors. This South East 5 piece are a perfect mix of 90s nostalgia grunge and modern garage rock. 

Hollows – Apologise

Hollows are a Manchester based Alternative 4 piece hailing from across the UK. They release single ‘Apologise’ before their second E.P ‘Dour, Yet Charming’ later this year. From its low bass-driven opening to the harmonising vocals and the melodic guitar that rises, falls and intertwines it all, its easy to see why it was a live fan favourite. The band are on track for a breakthrough now all they need is the return of live gigs to cement the deal.