RGM Recommends – The Singles

The Dears – Instant Nightmare

The Dears are a Canadian Quintet led my husband and wife duo Murray Lightburn and Natalia Yanchak.The band released their new album ‘Lovers Rock’ on 15/05/2020 via Dangerbird Records. 

Instant Nightmare is the lead song on the album and instrumentally this is an exciting track. It boasts a strong classic rock vibe with a particularly exciting intro, but the vocals are a juxtaposition. It quickly becomes repetitive and is lyrically weak in some parts. It feels like the song wrote itself based on whatever word rhymed with the end of the last line. But that would be totally fine if it wasn’t for the restrained vocals. Whilst this is entirely intentional and is described by lead vocalist Yanchak as “Like the song is the Hulk and I’m Black Widow holding his hand saying: Take it easy, big guy” It’s almost a shame because the instrumentals give the impression that it’s going to be a track you’re dying to sing to – you want to be able to. With a little more power behind them, you could. 

That said, it makes for pleasant listening and there is no doubt that lots of people will love this effect. Plus, let’s be real, most of our neighbours will appreciate us not singing our hearts out with the windows wide open.

Those Fucking SnowflakesStraight Wealthy White Male Suffrage

Fuck. If you’re missing live music, we don’t recommend that you listen to this new EP by Those Fucking Snowflakes until after lockdown. It makes the pain of there being no gigs too difficult to bear! Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage’ is released on 19th June, led by single ‘Only Weak Men Fear Strong Women’ which features a heavy riff that it’s near impossible to keep still to, matched with powerful vocals and lyrics – there’s nothing not to like.

The 5 track EP as a whole is about “Prehistoric chauvinistic adult babies, Boris Johnson and his great big Brexit Bus swindle, The far right decline of once great artist Morrissey, Boring things people say to Vegans and Donald Trumps secret plans to take over the NHS”

The punk resurgence is bringing a lot of exciting music and this is no exception. It’s like riding a rollercoaster of left wing frustration with all the adrenaline to match. Sure, it’s rough and raw but that’s all part of its charm and it’s certainly going to be exciting to see where this EP takes the Blackpool based band.

HazySwimming Closer

This track by Hazy. Due to be released on 5th June this is a pleasant summery synth track that evokes a longing for pool days and summer BBQ’s. This is an alarmingly well-polished song considering it was written recorded in the artist’s bedroom in reaction to cabin fever. The lyrics “We’re all a statistic, but let’s stay optimistic” will certainly resonate with most of us. Whilst the vocal effects won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a lovely piece of lo-fi bedroom pop that is light and energetic whilst addressing the frustrations that we’re all experiencing during lockdown.

Mauritia – Daydreaming

This new song ‘Day Dreaming’ from Northern Quintet Mauritia was released under These Bloody Thieves Records on 15th May 2020.

Okay, it’s only May but let’s call it and say that this is one of the songs of the summer. It’s an upbeat catchy alt-pop track that is a total earworm and fully encapsulates summer. It feels almost like the lovechild of a Cribs and Two Door song and is the perfect dose of pep to get us through long lockdown days.

Tana – Pele

Emerging Artist Tana released this track on 15th May 2020. This song features Italian and Afrobeat influences and it has a good beat despite giving off a slight ‘Eurovision’ vibe. Some of the instrumentals make it feel quite fresh, but it’s let down by substituting lyrics for ‘Ay yay a ya yaya’ in the chorus. It makes it sound like generic pop. That said, it’s happy and well-polished feel-good tune.