RGM Recommends – The Singles

Dalmas – Mary Release: 04/06/20

Opening with the sounds of a warm and hazy dreamscape, ‘Mary’s energy proves a treat to drift into. The reverb-drenched verses belong blasting out of a convertible racing through the Nevada desert with its flashy choruses hauling you straight into a tightly packed gig in the city. Despite the band being comprised of just three members, the songs rich textures and standout groove would certainly suggest otherwise. Subtly, ‘Mary’s impact intensifies gradually throughout the track leaving you in a whir of fuzzy ecstasy. 

Otis Mensah – Breath of Life (feat. Hemlock Ernst) Release : Out now. 

Despite ‘Breath of Life’s feel being quite dark, the atmosphere it creates is eerily warm, almost comforting in fact. Prominently illustrated by smooth jazz and hip-hop elements, the shadowy undertones, chilling backing vocals and trudge-y bass lines diffuse its impressive ambience deep into your bones. One of the most endearing factors of this track is that with each listen you find yourself humming along to a completely different melody than you did before, leaving fate to decide if it’s the saxophone, witty lyrics or backing that’s going to possess you next. 

The Sunset Beach Hut – Twenty//25\\Five. Release : Out now.

The Sunset Beach Hut’s short but sweet release, ‘Twenty//25\\Five’ is a radiantly bright bit of music, definitely fit for fulfilling those festival vibes we’ll be missing this summer. With a surge of emerging indie-pop artists, it can be tricky to shine through in this field, however, if (like The Sunset Beach Hut) you do it right then you’re laughing. The vocals follow simplistic, yet catchy melody that suits the singer’s voice undoubtedly well, boosting their angelic tones. The reverberated channels of the song are beautifully polished and the overall production is seamless. 

Myriad – I Walk Release : Out now

Sounding as if it’s jumped straight out of an ‘80s indie flick, Myriad’s ‘I Walk’ radiates a bright and glitzy aura whilst raising awareness for mental wellbeing. Lead by breezy guitar melodies, the track’s pleasantly serene vibe creates a smooth basis for its prominent message. Alongside the song’s release, Myriad has been campaigning to raise money for Solent Mind through their JustGiving page (linked below) as well as working with online communities to spread positivity during the lockdown. 


LOA State – Blue Skies Release: 29/05/20

Fusing components of mainstream pop, rock, electro and hip hop, the atmosphere ‘Blue Skies’ creates is certainly unique. Loquacious vocals and synth pads drive the track over slightly anticipated rhythms and chord patterns which, although providing a solid song structure, does leave the track somewhat anticlimactic and a little predictable. ‘Blue Skies’ does, however, make effective use of its numerous vocal harmonies and ASMR techniques to create a sense of smoothness throughout its verses, helping to exaggerate the contrast between it’s more forceful choruses. 

Static – Deep Truth Release : Out now. 

Compressed vocal riffs and drum samples take charge of Static’s latest release, emitting its emotive energy through their telling, and intricate vocal rhythms. The grime tracks’ layers resonate well with one another, harmonically complementing each other whilst creating a smooth base for the lyrics to settle on. Despite focusing on one main melody throughout, it doesn’t ever feel repetitive, as it’s Static’s storytelling that really draws you into the context of the song as opposed to the overall composition.