RGM Recommends – The Singles


Independent alt pop duo Berne have recently released their 3rdsingle to date. ‘STAY’. The song has a very whimsical but poignant vibe and is armed with a powerfully moving music video showing us a crying World on fire and the effort of two people and their fight to help save the planet. Highlighting their environmental stance throughout their lyrics and music videos, this London based two piece are promoting a very on point message within their music. Only with help from others can we make a big difference. With the soulful almost whispery vocals from Deborah and the sweet tempered guitar licks form Gianluca there is something magical and special about ‘STAY’ its very Folk punk based but with a very electric feel.

Catch BERNES ‘Common ground’ Project on the duo’s Instagram every Sunday at 12pm. With live music from Independent artists each week centering around togetherness. 

Aoife O’Leary – ALL IS LOVE

The second of five acoustic love songs Aoife has promised us throughout 2020 focusing on the various stages of love. These releases showcase a differential style and artistic route the Dublin based singer/songwriter shown previously in the electronic rock band ‘Moth Complex’. Feeling more romantically motivated Aoife decided to strip back the music and focus on the beauty of powerful vocals and a guitar. For ‘ALL IS LOVE’ she added a cello and a piano to the mix to bring us an inspiringly indulgent Rom Com sound which focuses on opening your self to love again. The feeling of hope and optimism you find when love is new. With the compellingly focused message of “all is love and love is all”. 

I’m eagerly waiting for the next installments from AoifeO’Leary and cant wait to hear more of her enchanting vocals.


Describing themselves as having a very “cynical view on modern-day Britain” Cottons are back with their latest release ‘Disregard the times’. With a very raw untethered sound that is popular on the indie scene again. The song’s lyrics reminisce of days that are actually not that long ago. When flip phones where a thing and having the latest ringtone was considered a highlight. But how social media has taken over life and using apps to date is a thing. The song emphasizes on that aspect and asks you to basically forget about the socials,“stop. Disregard the times we know. Cos’ we talk less and less as we go”. How very apt and forthright. As I previously mentioned, The song is very raw and edgy, with old school drum beats and quite simplistic guitar melodies all the while providing some deep brutality through the lyrics. It sets up the question “Are we putting too much of ourselves into the technology we carry around with us daily?”

Fran Minney – SIRENS

I love discovering new music for my collection. I have such a wide appreciation for a lot of styles. But discovering Fran Minneys beautiful songs has amazed and delighted me. Exploring ‘Sirens’ I was transported into a scene of fighting to stay afloat. Trying not to drown in an overwhelming feeling of failure, constantly fighting to get where you are aiming. It has such an extraordinary feeling of angst with its lyrical rhyming lines. The uneasiness of what’s to come but fighting anyway despite the feeling of losing and drowning and swallowing water.

Fran has such succulent husky vocals and she writes her lyrics in such a serendipitous way. inspired by the wonderful nature surrounding her. This dreamy indie-electronica singer/ songwriter has me hooked. She has got such a Sheryl Crow style range that intrigues my ears. Then I discovered her amazing style and repertoire of vivid hair colours and I feel like I have unearthed a kindred spirit. Plus she recycles her Merch. Buying old clothes and items from charity shops and upcycling them with her spin and logo to give them a fresh style. How delectable is that? I cannot wait to catch Fran Minney at a gig in the future.  

Saints Among Us – DO YOU REMEMBER

Wow. How are these guys not selling out massive stadiums (pre COVID-19 and hopefully after).

‘Do you remember’ is every bit anthemic. its got catchy singalong lyrics and amplified sound that just deserves an arena audience. With a poppy electro pop sound and such a poignant message within the lyrics highlighting anxiety and the many unanswered questions metal health suffers ask themselves on a daily basis. The Song and its lyrics are powerful and with Maddy’s incredulous vocals showcasingher fellow band members talented array of sounds it is destined to be a fan favourite. 

Delving into SAU’s back catalogue and I am fascinated by the quality of their songs and their limitless appeal. They are talking the alt rock scene by storm and I hope to see amazing things from these guys in the future.