RGM Recommends – The Singles

Johnny Bourke – Can’t Do Without

Hailing from Tiperary, Ireland, Johnny Bourke is a young singer and guitarist who will release track ‘Can’t Do Without’ on 3rd July.  The first thing you notice about this track is the background keyboard which continues throughout and makes the track feel a little unpolished but as soon as the vocals kick in, it’s a whole new ball game. Bourke’s voice is simply gorgeous; it’s deep and comforting like a hot chocolate during a thunderstorm. The track itself oozes pop appeal – it’s a bubbly summer song with some stunning guitar chords. Johnny has worked with some high profile names on this song; it was produced by Jackson Dimiglio-Wood (Shawn Mendes) and mastered by multiple Grammy winner Randy Merrill which speaks well for the artist and the career he surely has ahead.

Rich Brown – Three Chords in My Hand

From our very own Sheffield, Rich Brown is a folk musician who recorded this track during lockdown in a makeshift studio/fort comprising mattresses and duvets – unconventional but the results speak for themselves as the recording sounds very professional! This is a beautiful song about the pitfalls of being musican, the struggles permeate well through the lyrics. The song is very well written with some strong lyrics that truly encapsulate the struggles the artist is enduring, well supported by the star of the song – the guitar work, there really are some incredibly pretty chords played here, this has to be one of the best songs ever to come from a fort!

James Holt – Pendulum

Based in Bolton near Manchester, James is a multi-instrumental singer songwriter with a lot of talent and his latet track ‘Pendulum’ is out now via Youtube and Spotify. Lyrically speaking, this is quite a dark track and is about the ‘endless cycle of revenge’ however this is a far from dark and brooding song! The song was produced by James Skelly (The Coral) is a signature summertime tune. It’s a hazy dopamine infused masterpiece.

Lex Low – Feel More

Released on 29th May 2020, the new song from Lex Low is available to stream on Youtube and Soundcloud. A swirling storm of colour and emotion ‘Feel More’ is a deeply personal track for artist Lex Low, which is a lament of his feelings about his parents divorce when he was a child. This is a hazy synth-led song, it’s quite heavy on the reverb and I’m not a huge fan of some of the high-notes in the song but it’s a bright and well-polished track that makes for pleasant listening.

Alpaca Factory – You’re Obsessed

Released on 26th June, the new song from Alpaca Factory is quite the trip, there is no level of safety with this song! Just when you think you’ve grasped where it’s going, the tempo changes all over again. It starts off as a mellow piece of guitar pop and slowly descends into a screaming monologue of psych madness. It almost shouldn’t work at that point, you think the track is about to split at the seams but they casually manage to pull it back together and calm it right back down. It has you sat wondering what the fuck just happened but like an old drunk with a pack of special brew, you keep going back for more.