Garden Party – Tomorrow

Newbie Manchester band Garden Party are about to release their debut single ‘Tomorrow’ after a stellar debut gig at Gorilla the track is set showcase the bands equal talents in the studio too. Weaved around an intricate tale of life, love, heartbreak and the pain of separation peaking with an anthemic chorus alongside expertly played jangly indie riffs, foot stomping basslines and eclectic drums. I believe Garden Party be a welcome addition to the cities thieving indie scene and gig hungry indie fans.

Ocean Floor – Deep (Summer Nights)

We tried to create a song that reminds people of how it was to be young and in love. It’s also about living in the moment. This song is like a document of what happened when our singer, Alfie, went on holiday and met a girl and they got on really well. He wasn’t even sure if he would see her again but he was in a bubble of teenage romance and soaking up everything around him with not a care in the world. That’s what Ocean Floor is, a document of youth.

Alleyways – Over It

Leeds based indie-pop band Alleyways release new upbeat single ‘Over It’ as a call to arms for the social media generation to come together and over come shared challenges. The vocal oozes 80’s electronica with punchy beats and tight funky guitar and bass. They combine the live band presence and ideals of an indie band with brilliantly crafted melody driven pop and have sprinkled on top a socially conscious message that we all need to hear. It’s the first track I’ve heard by Alleyways and I’d definitely like to hear more by them. 

Y–Key Operators  – Town Where You Were Born

North Manchester 5 piece Y–Key Operators expertly fuse styles with an eclectic mix of rock, indie, 90s Madchester and ska vibes thanks to the addition of a trumpet and let’s face it who doesn’t appreciate a trumpet, to create a track which celebrates the towns which birthed us, shaped us and made us. With an uplifting video featuring fans and local scenes in lockdown (including RGM’s Carl Maloney), it’s a track that will not only resonate with audiences in the current client but sounds damn good too. Y–Key Operators have earned a reputation as being a fierce live band and I’m convinced this track with be become as a live fan favourite when the world of gigs finally return.