RGM Recommends – The Singles

Glue70Dark Days

The vibe ‘Dark Days’ creates is effortlessly chilled. Synthesised elements of smooth jazz lay softly upon hip hop beats with its pulse swaying you from side to side. The narrative explores feelings of loneliness and sadness that consume us, which is sometimes pleasant to hear over a neutral, calmer sounding track as opposed to something that sounds inherently dark, which only worsens those feelings. This track, however, is a cool safe haven for those of us lost in our dark days needing comfort.


Sylvette offer a beautifully unique style of art-rock, fusing elements of psychedelia, pop, electro and synth-pop. Their latest release, ‘Kelpius’ bursts with creativity, expressed through each member’s intertwining stylistic elements. The kaleidoscopic soundscape manifests itself around you, persuading your mind to surrender to its surrealist sound. The layers of the song weave around one another in a way so hypnotic you can’t recall when your focus shifted from the cool, damped pads to the shimmering synth melodies at the forefront.

Bad Ape – Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Introducing itself with a twangy, mid-heavy guitar riff, ‘Don’t Beat Yourself Up’ revolves around its introductory melody throughout the majority of its duration. The track seems to lack a spark in its overall composition as the same melodies and tones are recycled over and over, which, if a little more exciting, can be executed well but unfortunately ‘Don’t Beat Yourself Up’ seems to lack slightly in creative direction. The song gains a little more momentum towards its latter end but really would benefit from experimenting with different guitar tones to add more texture as well as changing the vocal melody to make a more engaging sound.  

Five Days North – Take Me Higher

‘Take Me Higher’ explodes with a magnificent burst of colour, painting a vibrant aura over the synth-pop track. Although the structure follows a slightly predictable pop-pattern, your anticipation is left particularly satisfied through its overall glitzy atmosphere, dramatic syncopation and passion-driven choruses. Exploring varied textures throughout, the bright pop track manipulates its memorable riffs into the electronic sea of synth, with each wave feeling a little more enticing than the last.

HUSK – Heal With Time

Pop-powerhouse HUSK return with their 80’s-disco inspired track ‘Heal With Time’, and if anything screams summer- it’s this. The track is a perfect pick-me-up for those in need of some beachy, summery vibes as it will face no struggle claiming its place on the warm sands of Ibiza. Lead by engaging vocals, ‘Heal With Time’ is comprised of hard-hitting beats, industrial elements, vocoder fuelled harmonies and trance inspired synths, definitely making it club-ready anthem.

Skinner Brothers – Away Days

Lead by articulate, vernacular vocals, ‘Away Days’ follows a simplistic style of tame verses contrasting with slightly fuller choruses. The verses consist of near-spoken vocals over a picked guitar which is in need of a bit more imagination as it feels a little uninspired. The choruses don’t really make up for the lack of excitement, bringing drums that hit exactly on the beat and backing vocals comprised of straightforward chants. The track feels like a decent base for an unfinished song and would seriously benefit from the music being more adventurous, i.e. incorporating stronger melodies, adding more instrumental layers and not being afraid to lay their passion on the line.