RGM Recommends – The Singles

CALM – Something’s Changing

London five-piece indie band ‘CALM’ have absolutely smashed it with their lockdown-inspired single ‘Something’s Changing’. The track is out now and reflects on feelings of isolation and being cut off from the outside world, yet the upbeat instrumentals will certainly have you dancing around the kitchen and almost forgetting the outside world! The song boats a catchy chorus and a bouncy, colourful synth beat you can’t sit still to! CALM are definitely ones to watch!

The Aurora Project – No Hiding

The Aurora-Project is a female fronted 5-piece rock metal band. Hailing from sunny Manchester and formed in 2006, they are back with a new single ‘No Hiding’. The song is an ode to the madness and sadness of lockdown and in a sense, it perfectly encapsulates lockdown with the changes of style and temp throughout, it’s been a confusing and emotionally charged for everyone and this song mirrors all of those feelings. It’s a highly experimental track and the band demonstrates a lot of skill throughout the song. When I read the band’s bio, I was really excited and wanted to like the song, but whilst there are parts of it I love, it just doesn’t quite come together as track for me.

The Aurora Project - No Hiding

The Rezner – The Jive

Cornwall newbies ‘The Rezner’ have only been around for 12 months but they’re already making waves on Spotify and have been celebrated by BBC introducing. This week the band has brought us a fresh batch of raucous shouty indie to indulge in. Frontman Sam Stone said the track was written, “Because right now we are surrounded by so much anxiety and fear, it’s nice to be able to give people at least 2 minutes to forget about that. Maybe have a jive, who knows…’  You could say it’s a little rough sounding and repetitive in parts, but that’s the beauty of it, it’s not overthought, the beat is bouncy and anthemic and it’s a fun indie track you can have a good time to – I definitely enjoyed a little jive!

Quentin – Ocean

Released on 26th June, lockdown and restraints on studio’s and equipment has led to a change of tone for Huddersfield three-piece, Quentin. The band already walk a fine line between indie, hip-hop and jazz but have taken a more electronic diversion on their most recent project. Produced with a hybrid of a live-electronic production, combining electronic drums with a juicy Thundercat-inspired envelope filter on the bass and infused with a soft smooth vocal, the end result is kind of a Ginuwine-esk 90’s R&B vibe. It’s super nostalgic track and it’s great to hear a fresh track in this style. This is such a parallel to some of the bands older stuff and it showcases an impressive level of versatility.

CPSD- Use Once

Released on 15th June, ‘Use Once’ is the debut single of CPSD, a Leeds/Bradford based Pseudo-Blues 3-piece. Fusing together hard-rock guitar riffs, electronic synths, & desert style vocals, CPSD deliver a strong Sound Garden Vibe. This high-energy track features fierce instrumentals and catchy hook elevated by a strong vocal performance. It’s one of those songs that has you dying to get out and unleash all hell on your air guitar. This a very exciting debut single and you can tell by the energy in this recording that this a band that are going to bring it live. I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on their gig calendar.

Cold Water Swimmers – Be My Sunshine

Released on 22nd July, this new track from  Manchester-based band Cold Water Swimmers is a certified banger. Lyrically, the song is stunning “I can see the sky turning blue, every time I look at you’ is just one of the heart-melting lyrics, but far from being a ballad of any description, its actually a really high energy track with some fabulous guitar work and even the whisper of a panpipe, it’s so fresh and summery that it’s basically the musical equivalent of a fruity jug of sangria. It’s genuinely a very unique sound and in the best possible way!