RGM Recommends – The Singles

Jennings Couch – Underdogs

London based Jennings Couch is to release his new single ‘Underdogs’ this month, with lyrics such as ‘I just want to change reality’ and ‘we’ve been waiting and we don’t want to hold back’, the release of Underdogs couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. ‘Underdogs’ is a strong release, combining the tone of rebellion with an upbeat, summery instrumentation which makes this track destined to be a hit.

The Otherness – No Token

Argentina’s The Otherness have recently released their punk inspired track, ‘No Token’. Taking aim at those who govern us, the track takes inspiration from bands such as The Clash and Nirvana in order to create something seriously unique. In a time of crisis, ‘No Token’ is destined to excite the listener. The Otherness bring thrill in dark times.

Berne –Stay (KNTRL remix)

Berne have released the KNTRL remix of their latest single, ‘Stay’, just recently. The original track saw ethereal pop duo Berne ask fans to take environmental action, with this remix, KNTRL (named DJ Mags ‘One To Watch) injects his eerily haunting feel to the mix. This remix of ‘Stay’ creates the perfect balance between a dance track and a chilled afternoon track.

Bluff – 50/50                                                                                   

Manchester’s shoegaze indie band Bluff are set to release their new single, ‘50/50’, later this month. After some time out and recruiting new members, Bluff are now starting their new era. This track appears to be more straight-forward than their previous releases, yet sticks to the core sound of the band, entirely produced by the lead guitarist,  Yanni Westaway-Green. 50/50 pulls no punches, providing a pure anthemic sound.

Sugarmoon – The Only One

Hailing from Bristol, pop-folk band Sugarmoon are set to release their debut single ‘The Only One’, which is also the title track from their upcoming debut EP. The instrumentation used here is gorgeous, the organ takes the lead and blends with lyrics that cry for love.