Dr.Stuart – Paper Tiger

Dr.Stuart are a female-fronted, powerful, punk rock band. This recent single, ‘Paper Tiger’ is the second release from the London based band. After their debut single ‘Take It or Leave’ gained some popularity through Tik Tok, there’s no doubt that Paper Tiger will take off as it carries the same energy and vibe. The tune captures your attention from the get-go, with the intense guitar riffs and the synthesised effects, you just know this will continue throughout and it certainly does. Lyrically, it’s very simple yet effective, you know that it has been written with raw emotions and that plays off very well. Definitely, one you can head bop to or scream along with. If you’re a fan of The Pretty Reckless or Tonight Alive, you will love Dr.Stuart.

The Far North – This House Is Ours

The Far North are a indie/folk duo, Lee Wylding (vocals) and Andie Packer (drums). The two are no strangers to the music scene as they were part of ‘The Fireflys’ for 12 years, prior to creating The Far North. For a debut single, the two have smashed it. To be instantly drawn in by the acoustic guitar and harmonica is a wonderful feeling. The beautifully created song takes you on an emotional journey to your happy place, gets your toes tapping and you will find yourself singing along by the end chorus. This House Is Ours was only released on the 24th July and already has 23k streams, evidently lots of people, and rightfully, are enjoying this tune.

‘Songs For Gentle Souls’, due for release 4th September via Red Lantern Records. It is very easy to predict that this album will be somewhat impeccable and it is definitely one to be streaming, especially if you’re a fan of the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young.

Myles McCormack – By Demons

Belfast based musician Myles McCormack, has created such a beautifully arranged piece. This is McCormacks newest single after a great first debut album ‘Real Talk’ and By Demons continues to follow on from his relaxing, atmospheric sound. There is a lot of darkness in this song, he sings about embracing the darker aspects of life, both psychological and actual. “Leave a candle for your memory but bring everyone along” is such a touching lyric and alongside the stunning guitar playing, it will make you feel some sort of warm way. Myles produces most of his music at home, meaning lockdown would have been a perfect time for himself. Anyone who is a fan of Nick Drake and Jose Gonzalez will appreciate this tune a lot.

Madame So – You Say

Fresh from releasing Generation Y, the London based alternative singer, Madame So has gotten right back into the game with her new release ‘You Say’. ‘It’s a song about stonewalling negativity and seeing the bright side of things in life. It is aimed at all the killjoys, naysayers, narcissists as well as all the ambitious, optimists, and resilient.”  The tune kicks off with an instant, powerful guitar riff and soon Madame So’s vocals hit you like a slap. With a lot going on in the underground, grunge song you’d believe that it could go wrong at any minute, but somehow she perfects it, no it isn’t an easy listen but that is what makes it so unique. I could listen to Madame So’s voice all day, every lyric is sung with so much confidence and power, and you have to give her every respect for that. Very much alike the Pixies, so if you’re a fan of them definitely give this a listen!

The Silver Lines – Breathe

The Indie-rock, Birmingham based band, ‘The Silver Lines’, have without any doubt smashed their fourth single release, ‘Breathe’. From the get go the song gets you thrilled. The instant heavy guitars and unreal drum beat set the song off on the right path, and as soon as the vocals hit ‘Breathe’ takes you to a great musical place. After a few listens you’ll be singing along as it is very catchy and does show some Royal Blood inspiration/vibes. The band have started to develop a loyal fan base, as well as getting BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 airplay, The next year or two will definitely be one to remember for this band, this tune especially will sound so good when they’re allowed to be playing live again. If you’re a fan of Royal Blood, IDLES or Slaves then keep an eye out for The Silver Lines.

Enjoyable Listens – The Key of Innocence

London based duo Luke Duffett and Jamie Maurice have been creating music for just over two years, they pursue a very 80s vibe and ‘The Key of Innocence’ definitely shows this and has a very nostalgic feeling to it. As soon as I first listened to this new and wonderfully put together tune I instantly thought of Erasure and Jarvis Cocker put together. The entire tune was written and created on a Mac at the beginning of lockdown, so you can only imagine what the two could do with better equipment. The Key Of Innocence is 3 minutes of pure emotion, starting with a simple yet effective guitar riff, leading to stunning lyrics, alongside some beautiful backing vocals. This tune deserves so much recognition and airplay, although the band will not be appreciated by everyone, that is a good thing as it shows how unique their style is and it is very esoteric.